Sunday, September 13, 2009


Wow! Happy Sunday … old Sol is shining, there is no wind and it is 65 degrees on the shady side of Penny the Pace this morning. Being two days shy of the middle of September, it doesn’t get much better than this and I am so very grateful for the really good weather we have had the past couple weeks. The “color” is just beginning in the foliage and if the chilly nights continue the fall shades will soon be obvious in all their glory. In my opinion, we truly deserve this respite after so many horrible storms we have endured all summer in our travels. I know, I know, “Do I want cheese with my whine?”

We stayed two nights (maximum stay at PA rates) at the Passport America Park named Hickory Hollow Campground near Somerset, PA. While there, following the recommendation of the well-meaning lady behind the desk, I had the WORST meal I have EVER received in a restaurant called the Cottage Café, just down the road from the park. Years ago, when I worked at the Washington Correction Center, a prison just north of my home town I learned about a meal that was served to inmates who were in solitary confinement for whatever reason. It was a gray colored loaf made from unknown ingredients that was rumored to taste like compressed food scraps (aka garbage). That is what this “Country Steak” looked and tasted like. It actually gagged me. Then … it gets worse. I was still hungry when we were ready to leave so we bought two pieces of homemade pie to go. At least it looked good but I kid you not; it was the worst pumpkin pie I have ever eaten. Phil’s blueberry pie wasn’t much better. How this place is staying in business is beyond me except for the fact that it is the only place to eat in a twenty-mile radius! Sadly, I must say: EAT HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

With only one day to go exploring we returned to the crash site of UAL flight # 93 about eight miles north of our campground. We had been there before in 2005 but since then it has been moved across the road and enlarged. Preparations were being made for the memorial service the next day on the anniversary of the highjacking. Also, this time during our visit a National Park Ranger gave a presentation about the flight from start to finish, which was very touching as well as informative. Photos were not allowed during her lecture due to copyright laws but we learned so much. Knowing the facts about what went on during that short hour and 20 (or so) minutes made the passengers on board that flight even more heroic in our minds. I know there are plans for a permanent memorial but nothing was observable in the area at this time.

Our travel day across PA, WVA and into Ohio this past Friday was uneventful even though our agenda was a bit tighter than usual. We did run into a 20-mile backup in West Virginia as we inched along through road construction and were delayed for over an hour. The truckers on the CB were having fits since they could see no real reason for the bottleneck. We are moving west toward Celina, OH where will be staying at the fairgrounds and attending the eastern Gypsy Journal Rally. This rally is organized by our friends, Terry and Nick Russell and will be our fourth Gypsy rally. We usually attend the western rally in AZ but this year we are not returning to the west for the winter so chose the Celina gathering. Phil and I are really looking forward to spending time with our friends, Margie and Roger (and their two fur babies) who will also attend. They are now truly fulltimers since their house just sold in Gallatin, TN and their only home is now a beautiful 40 ft Tiffin Phaeton. It is a lot of fun to spend time with them, as their excitement for the lifestyle is infectious.

We are currently in Zanesville, OH for a week and I will say, the local Crackerbarrel has renewed my faith in restaurant meals. We ate there our first night here and it was wonderful, as usual. Last night the Golden Corral got our money … again, it was great as expected! Hopefully, I will have something exciting to report next week. However … don’t hold me to that since I’ve been undeniably slothful lately! LOL!

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  1. It was nice that you were able to attend the special memorial service in PA. Now I feel like a celebrity since we were mentioned in your blog. I was amazed to find that you had been in several states in what seems like a short amount of time. Will be anxious to hear more about your adventures.

  2. Your pictures of the memorial brought tears to my eyes. What an appropriate time to visit.

  3. Enyoyed your pix, so sorry you had a lousy meal and so many storms. Keep smiling, have faith!