Sunday, September 27, 2009


The weather is struggling to stay pleasant here in Celina. So far, there has been an abundance of cloud cover with a sprinkle or two around the area but it has also cleared off and been warm with some sun in the afternoons—duplicating the Indian summer weather we all love so much. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the good weather will hold for the Gypsy Gathering Rally, as rain is not in the forecast until Sunday, after the rally is finished. Yeah!

MOVIE REVIEW: “Love Happens” starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, has the worst title possible but the movie itself is certainly a well-acted imaginary tale about grieving and learning to live, love and trust again. There are some very funny moments and my worries that Phil would be disenchanted with this “chick flick” (rated PG 13) were unfounded as he enjoyed it as well.

The past week has been fun filled days of sightseeing, going out to eat but best of all, spending time with friends with prospects of “more of the same” this coming week at the rally. Diane and Bill (I introduced you to them last week) came into the C to C Park in Wapakoneta a couple days behind us and we spent four wonderful days visiting, shopping, and seeing the sights in the area. Best of all, since both, Bill and Diane (fulltimers since 2003) are well-known “Geeks” in the Rving community after hearing about our trials and tribulations with our computers, made some much needed changes on mine and also tweaked Phil’s so it was better suited to his needs. By installing a full-machine back-up program on my computer, Bill took the weight of the world off my shoulders. From now on, every Sunday afternoon, this program will automatically move everything on my computer onto an external hard-drive … all I have to do it make sure the hard drive is plugged in. Since I am computer illiterate, I will be forever grateful to these two friends who have given me the freedom to labor on my genealogy and writing projects without fear of losing my precious work. THANK YOU again, Bill and Diane! See you when you arrive here at the rally!

After getting parked here at the fairgrounds, Phil decided it was time to address the horrific noise our aftermarket, chain driven slide-out has been making. It has been getting worse each time it went in or out and so this time, he took off the covers to the inner workings and got busy finding and fixing what appeared to be the cause of the noise. After an hour or two of twisting his body into a pretzel to do the work, the noise has been greatly reduced. Good job Phil!

Last night, long after the parking crew for the rally had retired for the day my phone rang. Our dear friends (we spent two weeks in their driveway last summer), Margie and Roger, who will become official fulltimers on Wednesday when the sale of their house in Gallatin, TN closes, were at the gate of the fairgrounds. Phil jumped in the Lone Ranger and drove over to lead them into the parking area. After getting parked and hugs all around we got the grand tour of their new home, “Phaez2”, a 40 ft. Tiffin Phaeton diesel pusher with four slides. Talk about a palace … with room to spare! They can look forward to many happy times as they explore our wonderful country in the second “phase” of their retirement. We are so happy to see them again!

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  1. Joy - am glad you are enjoying where you are and getting to visit friends. I still am hacking away with this crud I have. Am so tired of it. Lots of beautiful Indian Summer here. Hope you week is a peaceful one.

  2. JOY...... I don't want to scold you BUT I told you to get an external drive! I should have come and put it in for you :)