Sunday, April 05, 2009

ARKANSAS has now been added to our state map. There are only three left to visit of the lower 48. This year we will finish filling in the empty spots. In nearly five years we have visited many of these states several times but each time there are always more places to go and new things to see. Check out the Backroad Chronicle's archives for our earlier trips.


  1. oh Joy, KY is SO beautiful. They had bad ice storms this winter but I think they are getting back to normal. One place I'd love for you to see is Pleasant Hill KY. It's where Shakertown is.. Also the Abraham Lincoln circle. It always gives me an eerie feeling to walk where he walked. And Lea and I went thru the horse country one time and have your camera ready! It looks like a postcard. If I had to leave TN. I would choose KY or NC. I love both of them.

  2. Congrats on almost completing your map! Now you need to add Canada & Mexico! =)

    Happy Travels!
    Suzanne & Brad

  3. Sharon,
    Oh never fear my dear ... we are really looking forward to our visit to Kentucky. I will be sure and research and flag Pleasant Hill, Shakertown and the Abraham Lincoln Circle. One place I know we will stay is The Kentucky Horsepark Campground in Lexington. We are both horse lovers so that should be fun.

  4. Suzanne and Brad,
    Well, maybe Canada and even Alaska someday but neither of us have any desire to go to Mexico. We're probably missing a lot but better safe than sorry is the motto of these "old folks!"