Sunday, December 07, 2008


Not much going on in and around Miss Penny the Pace this past week. I will however hit the highlights for you.

Day after tomorrow, on Tuesday December 9th, one of the Dr. Phil tapings we attended will be shown. It is titled “Fighting Back” so if your are interested, check it out. We will be doing the same to see if the camera found us in the audience. Neither my Phil nor I can remember (they say memory is the first to go) if this was the first show we saw or the second but during the first show we were in the row directly behind Robin McGraw and to the right. During the second show we are in the top row and all the way to the right, the direction Dr. Phil and Robin leave the show so we might be in that shot as they exit stage right. Anywhoooooo we will be watching to see if we get our 2 seconds of fame! And, I will let you know when the next show is on.

One evening last week I walked outside and just happened to look up at the sky. I saw a sliver of the moon and two bright stars (I thought) right together in the sky. Not knowing much about astronomy, I thought to myself “that’s interesting and very beautiful in the navy blue desert sky—I should probably take a picture.” I came back inside and while we watched the news the anchor talked about the Moon, Venus and Jupiter alignment that would not happen again until 2052! Wow! I told Phil, it is right outside and we rushed out with our little inadequate camera and did the best we could to get a picture.

The remainder of the week was fairly mundane and we did the usual stuff—computing, cooking, shopping and cleaning. Phil emptied the back of the truck and stored my plastic tubs outside next to Penny the Pace. They will be safe there and I can bring them in one at a time as I work on this, the last of my genealogy files to be digitized. Phil washed months of road dirt off our pretty little Lone Ranger and the old boy (the truck not Phil ;-) looks pretty good for his age. Phil also spent several hours during the week pruning and clearing out weeds at our Aunt Elaine’s house across the street. As usual, it becomes a bit overgrown during the summer and fall so this is the fourth winter Phil has gone over and worked in her yard. This year it has been very sad because we know our dear Aunt will not be coming down anymore, but he is doing it for her anyway.

Phil drove out to the big Arizona Market Place by the Marine Corp Air Station Yuma to price four new small awnings for Penny. They certainly will not be cheap but he is hoping to install them himself in order to reduce the cost. I will let you know. We went to Cracker Barrel yesterday for dinner with cousin, Nada. After dinner, we came back to Desert Holiday RV Park and Nada stopped by her house and picked up the lovable big, hairy pup she rescued and named “Blessing Way”. “Blessing” was dumped off in her yard when he was just a few weeks old and had been badly abused. With patience and lots of love, he has become a wonderful dog. Phil and I soaked up a major doggy fix! I forgot to take his picture but I'll get one for next week.

The big health care group in California named “Kaiser Permanente” has a new commercial. It shows pictures of several very obvious old ladies and the catchy tune sing-songs over and over again: “When I grow up I want to be an old woman.” I think I will make that my new mantra … since I have happily accepted the fact recently that I am really not grown up yet because there is still so much to learn!

Until next time ...


  1. Great pictures... The moon was lovely wasn't it.... Phil did a great job cleaning out the ornage tree bed... Sounds like all is going good for you both... Have a wonderful Sunday... Ralph has to have a stent put in next Wednesday so we are tied down for a while... After the holidays we are going up to North Florida for a few weeks...


  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog. Just found when you put yours on mine. LOL It's a great blog and I'm adding it to my favorites.

    Debbie & Rod

  3. I'm gonna guess squawmama sent you over! What an adorable couple! I've tried to show the hubby my blog, he just doesn't get it! I mentioned he might like to blog about golf, surfing or what ever, his response was Oh No I'm not interested in That! Sounds as if you have great adventures together!
    I'm not gonna grow up, cause I don't want to be an old woman. And you don't either! Hold Out


  4. Always love your pictures. Will you be there when the oranges are ready to eat? When mother lived in Phoenix we had lots of fresh oranges. It spoiled me for store bought ones. Lemons too. Love you bunches.

  5. We didn't get a picture of the moon and planets -- glad you (and Squawmama) did! We did get out to look at it, though.

    We'll be doing our Christmas decorating this week, I guess. Not today, though: thunder, lightning, rain takes priority in this part of Arizona!

  6. Lea,
    I sure hope we are here when the fruit at Aunt Elaine is ripe. I just asked Phil and he says the oranges will be ripe in a week or so but the lemons still look like limes and he doesn't know about the grapefruit either. I guess it will all depend on what kind of weather they had during the blooming and budding season before we got here.
    Love You too!
    Joy and Phil

  7. That's so sad that people abuse animals...but I'm glad pup found a good and loving home. Thanks for stopping by my blog...come on over anytime- water's fine :-)

  8. It's so sad that people abuse animals- but I'm glad the pup found a loving home. Thanks for stopping by my blog- come on over anytime...water's fine!