Monday, December 08, 2008

Dr. Phil Show alert ...

For those of you who might be interested I've just found out that the two show tapings we attended will be aired today and tomorrow.

In Yuma, Dr. Phil is shown on NBC at 2 pm. Where you live of course it is probably different.

Read below in my Sunday post about where we were sitting during both tapings.

We'll be watching too ;-)



  1. Hi, I couldn't find an email address for you so will answer your comment on my blog here.

    Yes, I am a little concerned about it, but I am trying not to worry too much over this that I have not much control over. I went to get the ultrasound done, and will hear from the doctor tomorrow or Monday with the results and referral to a surgeon.

    I have googled "palpable mass" and have found that most often a palpable mass in the extremities of a woman aged 50-60 is a "lipoma" (50% of the time). A lipoma is a benign tumor that causes no harm unless it is big enough to cause pain, as mine is doing. Then it would need to be removed surgically.

    About 15% of the time it is "liposarcoma" which is a cancerous tumor. Those have to be removed and then chemo or radiation treatments.

    About 1% or less it is metastasized breast cancer. I am in no way entertaining the thought that it would be that, as it would be a "months to live" situation and it is so rare I am not going there.

    The other 34% of things it could be are not dangerous.

    So, yeah, I do sound nonchalant about it, only to keep myself calm.
    thanks for asking.

  2. Hi Joy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And how neat that you are traveling via RV throughout the country! Wow. I have always thought an RV would be the way to travel. :-)