Sunday, December 14, 2008


For someone who is about to tell you that not much is going on around here … I have sure been busy. I haven’t left the house for four days, we have been eating one of our favorite linners, “Roast Stoup” for three days and there is still enough left to freeze for another meal. My mother made what she called “hash” with left over pot roast and vegetables. She always made an extra amount of her delicious gravy for the binder and it was like a Shepherd’s Pie without the mashed potatoes on top. It was very good but when I became an adult, I developed a meal with the roast leftovers that greatly expanded the potential and is no doubt a bit healthier. The roast beef is trimmed of all fat and along with the potato, carrot and onion chunks (and any other veggies you cook with your roast) are chopped into good-size pieces then put into the crock pot.

Then the fun part begins. We add canned or fresh mushrooms, canned corn, cut green beans, green peas and diced tomatoes. If you don’t like canned—use frozen (I suppose you could even use fresh if it was cut into small pieces but I have not done that) then add 2 or 3 cans of beef broth (salted or unsalted) to fill up the pot. Don’t be too quick to add salt or other seasonings because after cooking all day, the flavors will blend and you will discover it doesn’t need much. The vegetables you add are completely up to you, there are dozens of choices on the grocer’s shelves but the point is to make a pot full and let it simmer all day. You want plenty leftover as it just gets better by the day and freezes beautifully. We add a French or sourdough bread of some kind and voila’ we have dinner … dinner … and more dinner! Approximate cost for us is about $2.15 per person per day for five days. How is that for lowering your food cost?

My holiday newsletter is finished, gift shopping is done and we will take the snail mail cards to the post office tomorrow. Then next week, I can get busy with what I call my “real work.” We have carried four large plastic tubs full of genealogy research and pictures along with us in the back of The Lone Ranger that are the last of my five file cabinets full of 40 years of family history work. Once scanned, (and backed up of course) the copies can be destroyed, the originals can be stored for posterity and the pictures can be put on a CD or DVD to share with family as requested. It has been a huge job but I hope it will be a big part of my legacy in the final assessment of my life when I’m gone.

Until next time ...

Words of wisdom: We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress. -- Will Rogers


  1. Hi... Glad to hear your so far ahead of the game.... Isn't it nice to get the things checked off your Christmas todo list... Have a great night...


  2. First comment: I'm stunned there are roast leftovers. There are never any in our house!

    Second comment: I'm ADDICTED to genealogy. It's a crippling addiction sometimes, distracting me from the lives of the living family around me. I love to share genealogy info and research tips with other genealogy addicts. If you're interested I'd love to chat!

  3. thank your for the left over roast idea. I will try it if we ever have left over roast. Bob likes it for sandwiches. With Tyler here not much left usually but will keep that in the back of my head. Thank you for the Wagonteamster blog. Am enjoying following his path.

  4. Wow, that soup sounds so incredibly GOOD. I can't wait to try it some cold, winter day. Thanks for the idea.


  5. Yes, the "stoup" does sound good. We've got too much stuff in our freezer right now, but maybe we can make room for that in the fairly near future. Thanks for the idea!

  6. That sounds really yum. I love to use my crock pot so I will probably try that real soon. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. How great that you chronical this awesome adventure you two are on! Not many would take the time, but I think it's great.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  8. Anonymous12:00 PM

    We just had roast beef last night - perfect for a frigid winter's evening, but alas.... NO leftovers! Maybe next time :)

  9. Okay class ...
    All of you that cook a roast and do not have leftovers, listen up!

    Cook a bigger roast LOL!!!

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. I love hearing from you!