Sunday, November 16, 2008

WINTERTIME .. and the livin' is easy!

This is the question we hear most often: “Where are you?” For a map of our exact location click on the following link or if that doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL into the address line of your browser:
Once the map loads, we are # 1807 and if there is any other data storm (our satellite internet connection) users parked near us, they will be on the map as well. Scrolling down you will find Phil’s most recent notation about our newest venue which he updates every time we move. Clicking on the little bars underneath “Zoom” will bring you in closer or take you out to include the entire USA. Clicking anywhere on this larger map will take you to a different page where you can move the map from continent to continent by clicking on the yellow arrows. There are thousands of us, many in other countries around the world and if you look to the left side beside the name, you might see a small pink box around a tiny piece of note paper. This indicates that particular data storm user has a web link. Most of the time it denotes they have a blog but sometimes it is a link to their online store or business. Saving this page is as easy as adding it to your favorites or putting a short cut on your desktop so finding our location is just a quick click away.

Weather in Oceanside, CA: Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine! Cool nights (at 6 am today, it was only 40’) and it got up to over 80’ yesterday. It has been about the same since we arrived. This morning there is a pretty good breeze and I wonder if it might be the southern edge of the Santa Anna winds that are wreaking havoc on the wild fires north of San Diego. Apparently, we moved south just in time.

We have been doing a lot of ocean view driving which is fairly easy around this neck of the woods. Everyone knows that the sport of surfing is enjoyed by many in southern California but the truth is … surfers are as thick as flies on cow pies in this neck of the woods. Any surf at all is full of swimmers in wet suits tied to boards of all sizes and shapes. Most are terrible at it and end up being tumbled by the wave action but that does not seem to deter the masses. Phil and I decided we do not feel like we have missed anything by not being interested in swimming in the ocean. I can’t help but have visions of the cousins of “Jaws” lined up just off shore waiting for a black neoprene encased meal to float by! Oh to be young, not to mention 10 feet tall and bullet proof again!

Last Thursday we went to the movies in the afternoon. Oceanside has a 16 screen theater right in the middle of downtown. We saw “Changeling” a true story about crime and police corruption in the 1930s staring Angelina Jolie. The story was very interesting although sad and she was very good—but oh those lips! I know she is considered a beautiful woman but her puffy, pouty lips look painful to me and are a definite distraction. To add fuel to my diversion, they painted them bright red and no matter what she did or what time of day it was—early morning or during a good cry, the lips remained brilliant and without a smudge. Really Hollywood … what is your point?

Coming out of the theater we realized while we were inside the downtown streets of Oceanside had been transformed into an enormous Farmer’s Market which as it turns out, is a weekly event (weather permitting … ha!). Before heading home we strolled for an hour or so listening to the music, perusing the homemade crafts and wares, homegrown produce and enjoying the luscious sights and smells of all the food being prepared. I always want to buy everything in sight but Phil manages to keep my enthusiasm under control by reminding me of the small amount of storage, inside Penny not to mention in our already full refrigerator! There were throngs of attendees so people-watching was very entertaining as well.

On Friday we revisited San Diego and Coronado. Phil spent many, many months at a time over the years working TDY in this area and he always loved it. Being an expert in his field (plastics) he was regularly loaned out for various ship and submarine repair jobs by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton where he was employed. He went on jobs to the east coast as well but he always preferred the San Diego trips as the weather was always so wonderful compared to the usual winter months in WA State!
Lastly but definitely not "leastly", I want to welcome my newest readers and thank them for all the encouraging comments. Although I am a novice at the mechanics of blogging I am learning every day from the community of bloggers that I am following with great interest. You are all so good at it and have so many great ideas--all your wonderful efforts make my day!


  1. Good Afternoon Joy & Phil... Great post today... I read them all but only going to do one comment here...First your Great Grandson Sean-Michael Liam is just adorable... how cute! We went to CA a year ago and we did from San Diego to San Francisco in just 10 days...LOL We flew out and rented a car with another couple... We do intend on coming back out there in2010 with Tassie... We'll have to get with you to find out all the ins and outs of it... I can't wait for my husband to come back in and read your post... He's washing the RIG!!! You know the deal... maintenance... way important in these things... Have a great Sunday...


  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Hi Cuz,

    As you know I'm not too computer savvy but I wanted you to know I do read your blog every Sunday and enjoy it so much. It's almost like being along for the ride as you are describing everything so beautifully. Thanks for all the great pictures you are sharing, I've been to few of those places myself many years ago.

    You two stay safe and healthy,



  3. JOy and Phil -- your blog is as good as anyone else's as long as you enjoy the process and the results. Just like with our 7-year old Itasca that parks next to a half-million-dollar Prevost, we both have the same view from the front window.

    We do enjoy following you, and have gotten better acquainted with following your pictures alongside.

    Keep 'em coming, and we'll tag along!

    Jerry and Suzy

  4. I live in Oceanside! Just down the road from the theatre and Farmers Market, It is a small world.