Sunday, November 09, 2008

On May 2nd in 1984, President and Nancy Reagan visited Fairbanks Alaska. They met with Pope John Paul II at the Fairbanks International Airport. Later, local republicans hosted a luncheon at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the campus center. At the time I was the Food Service Director for ARA, at the Anchorage Pioneer Home who just happened to be the contract food provider for the university as well. As management I was offered the opportunity to go; cleared by the president's security staff then flew to Fairbanks to help serve the lunch. I worked the right side of the head table where Nancy Reagan sat and my friend and co-worker, Sharon worked the left side where the president sat. Although I am not a republican, it was an exciting day for me with all the tight secret service activity not to mention getting so up close and personal to the commander in chief and his wife.

Oh yes, the president's food was the same as the food served everyone else but it was cooked by his own chef in a small portable kitchen right behind the curtains on stage.

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