Sunday, November 09, 2008


We are parked in the tiny (8 spaces) RV area of the Simi Valley Elks Lodge in Simi Valley, CA. Most sites have full hookups and they charge $15 a night. Lots of trees but our Data Storm (Internet) found the correct satellite and Phil managed to line up the Dish TV without any problems. When we arrived, we over shot the turn into the lodge driveway because the property sits back off the road and it is not very well marked (unless you know where to look) and the driveway is narrow. A phone call to the lodge redirected us and we made a U-turn with Penny the Pace and The Lone Ranger … fortunately there was a wide place to do it.

Simi Valley weather report: Cool nights and warm days. It was only 40’ this morning when I got up so I plugged in the little electric heater to take off the chill inside Penny. That only lasted an hour or so because the sun came out and it takes just a few minutes for solar power to warm up the whole coach after that happens. The outside air warms up quickly as well and the days are topping out in the mid to high 70s and up to the low 80s. It isn’t clear to us whether wind is a normal phenomenon here in the Valley but we have had quite of bit of it almost every day. Maybe we are protected by the hills around us or maybe they are the cause of the wild and wooly gusts we have experienced but then after blowing like crazy for up to an hour or longer, it stops—just like someone flips a switch.

If you look to the right in the Backroad Chronicle’s sidebar you will find a new “gadget” as these accessories are called in “Blogger language” (Geek Speak). It is a place to acknowledge the people who on a regular basis read my blog and where my readers can link to these other blogs. I have named it “Frequent Followers” and if you are kind enough to examine my Sunday compositions and if you also have a blog of your own, please add yourself to the list. I’m not sure whether it works for those who do not have a blog but you can give it a try by clicking on Follow this Blog and see what happens. Please let me know if it doesn’t work for my blog-less readers! Also, I want to mention that the “comments” have dwindled down to nothing lately. I’m not sure what that means … either every word I write is completely benign (oh yeah, I believe that) and non-controversial so no one has anything to add OR the old adage applies … “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” Be sure, affable or adverse I want to hear from you! One note: all comments are e-mailed to me first (I made that decision after being spammed big time) and then it is my choice whether to publish or not. Consequently, (because contrary to popular belief I am not on the computer 24/7), there may be a bit of lag time between your post and my publishing. However, I promise you that unless your opinions are conspicuously in bad taste, all comments will be posted. I look forward to learning from my readers!

Phil and I have been on the go pretty much every day. Our Carmen Garmin (GPS) has taken us on some pretty exciting back roads in and over the surrounding canyons as we traveled to Santa Clarita to Wal*Mart on Thursday, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on Friday then yesterday down the coast as far as Redondo Beach. The topography around here comes as a big surprise after traveling north and south on I-5 for so many years where with the exception of the infamous “grapevine”, we have seen mostly flatland along the way to San Diego. Narrow two lane roads that twist and turn around blind hairpin curves after dark are enough to get the old heart pumping but the views we have seen are beyond spectacular and my camera has not done them justice. For some reason, (Could it be we’re retired and seriously laid back?)we just have a hard time getting in gear early enough to find our way home before dark. Oh well, no harm done and lots of exciting memories … I’ll let the pictures tell the story.


  1. Hi,
    Found your blog on the Datastorm Users site - we enjoy reading it!!

    Happy Travels!
    Suzanne & Brad

  2. Hi Joy & Phil, I stumbled across your blog while at Jerry & Suzy's "Our Life on Wheels"...Thought that I would check you out, and I am so happy that I did. I loved your blog and will be reading the whole thing as soon as I can...We full time in a 40' motorhome we call Tassie and right now are in Florida... It is so funny that you name all your stuff because we do too... If you feel like it, please come and visit me and we'll share a few laughs... While you’re there please sign my guestbook… and if you want to follow my blog just click on that too… Thanks… If you don't mind I would like to add you to my favorites. Don't want to miss any of your adventures. I am typically an outgoing person and like to be involved in everything... LOL LOL