Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yuma weather at 8:45 a.m.: 72 degrees and sunshine with a gentle breeze rustling through the palm trees! Lovely!

It’s been a high tension week here in Yuma. Two family members we love very much endured a personal health crisis and we burned up some mega cell phone minutes. One was scheduled but the other involved a trip to the emergency room and hospitalization for two and a half days.

Last November, in Washington State our Aunt Elaine had a painful attack of shingles and cellulites. She spent a few days in the hospital after a ride to the E-room with the EMTs. Pretty sure she was fully recovered, and tired of the cold weather, her son, Casey drove her south to Yuma in January to get some sunshine and relax in the warm winter weather in the southwest. Last Sunday night the misery came back with a vengeance and by Tuesday, Phil and I insisted she go to the doctor. As expected, after she was examined, they put her in the hospital, again. She came home on Thursday after massive doses of intravenous antibiotics and antiviral medications, and orders to continue the regime with several oral prescriptions. I am happy to report, she is doing well—getting better daily and hopefully, is at last finished with this insidious virus. We expect her sister, Beverly to arrive this next week and the two ladies will begin their drive north as soon as Elaine is ready to go.

Then on Thursday, my sister, Robin in California had a scheduled lumpectomy, or partial mastectomy which proceeded routinely according to her husband, Walt. The pathology report next Thursday will tell the tale as to where she goes from here in her treatment. Robin is feeling pretty good and they plan to head north to Washington on the 20th spending the next 10 days removing their belongings from the second home they recently sold in Shelton. Robin tells me their plans are to rent an apartment in Olympia (20 miles east of Shelton) for now so they have a landing zone for their possessions and a homey place (without the responsibilities of home ownership) to stay while on their numerous trips north to spent time with the grandchildren.

Sister Dixie report: This woman has mystified her doctor and his colleagues according to the latest visit and X-rays. Dixie said the screw they were so sure was going to back out and cause havoc has not moved now for four weeks. Why its position has not changed as expected is confounding the medical community that is taking care of my sister. More conferences are scheduled to determine whether the hip replacement surgery is still a viable option or whether recovery should continue with the status quo. Stay tuned!

Phil has been working at cousin, Nada’s place and he took a few pictures of his handy work. It is looking good and she plans to put it on the market before the end of the month!

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  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Thanks for the update on all three of the girls. Sounds like things are looking up. Say hello to them for me. Great work Phil, you are a master craftsman!! Take care, Dottie