Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just another day of blue skies and sunshine!

Hello from sunny Yuma, Arizona! Our neighbors are, and have been steadily, pulling out by the dozens heading for all points north and we can’t help but wonder … “what’s the hurry?” The weather is just about perfect here and for goodness sake, it is still raining and snowing in the upper half of the good old USA. We hear people say, “It’s starting to get hot!” Well, yeah! Isn’t that why we are all here? And, the white stuff is still coming down in northern Arizona for crying out loud (she exclaims euphemistically)! However, that said, Phil and I are also feeling the urge to travel but since our ultimate destination is above the 38th parallel good sense prevails and we will stay where we are for a few more weeks until that region has warmed up—like to at least 70 degrees—okay?

Sister Dixie update: Not much news. Her spirits remain pretty good and I was happy to hear that there is not much pain anymore. I have no medical background but that would seem to say she is healing and her body is winning the battle against the Staph infection. More than one person has told me that the staff at the nursing home hangs out in her room and takes very good care of her. A big bowl on the dresser in her room, heaping full of candy might have something to do with that—did I tell you my sister is very smart?

At the risk of jumping the gun (I am not certain she has told her mother yet) I have some unexpected family news. I have still not adjusted to it being “great” news, but for sure, it is surprising. My granddaughter, Megan and her husband, Joshua called night before last. They wanted me to know that I am going to be a great grandmother for the second time in mid-November! These newlyweds (married one year in January 2008) made many exciting plans that must be put aside and tucked away in the “what if” files for now because someone else has joined them in their journey called “life”. This new little person was not planned for … but this new little person will be loved and nurtured by two very special people. I know my granddaughter and she chose Joshua so there is no doubt this baby will be considered a blessing and treated accordingly. Congratulations to Megan and Joshua!

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