Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yuma weather: 6:52 a.m. 50 degrees with sunshine and a gentle breeze in the palms.

Spring has sprung; trees and plantings are in bloom and the birds in Yuma are doing what they do … making baby birds and chirping up a storm. Aunt Elaine has a pair of nesting doves just out her window in the gutter of the carport next door that keep us entertained. Something is always going on. We watched them build the nest and now it appears they are taking turns sitting on it. Yuma residency is shrinking daily as the exodus continues to places and points more northern. An occasional "overnighter" stops by while passing through but our RV Park is getting quieter each day. The temperatures have been between 80 to 100 degrees the past week or so but as you can see from my weather report above, it cools down nicely at night—perfect sleeping weather. Waking up to sunshine each morning is like an intravenous shot of vitamins for me … I just feel so good living where it is sunny every day. People who enjoy living with four seasons probably think it might be boring but to you I say, if the opportunity presents itself, give it a try! You just might be surprised.

Sister report: Robin and her husband, Walt have begun their trek to Washington today and since I have heard nothing to the contrary, I assume she is doing fine. Dixie has nothing new to report except that her family is getting her out and about a couple times a week which boosts her spirit tremendously. She is a long way from the finish line but she has no pain and really appreciates these breaks in the nursing home routine.

Aunt Beverly arrived safe and sound on a two step flight from Seattle/Salt Lake City this past Wednesday. Phil and I have been saturating ourselves with their wonderful sense of humor and loving family presence. We enjoy every minute of the time they share with us. Aunt Elaine is feeling better every day and they will most likely close up the house and head north the end of this coming week. Cousins, Shannon and Jonelle surprised Phil and I with wonderful “thank you” gift cards for one of our favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden and we are going to share these gifts by taking the aunties out to dinner this coming Tuesday. Thanks a bunch cousins! Although Phil and I truly feel we did nothing beyond the ordinary your generosity was an unforeseen gesture and we appreciate it very much!

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