Sunday, January 20, 2008

9:42 am Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not much excitement in our world lately but this morning I will check in so you know I have not forsaken the blog. We are happily settled into Yuma but it would be nice if it warmed up a little. The sun heats up our tiny space during the day but the evenings and nights require our catalytic heater to stay comfortable. We’ve used more propane this winter than ever before but fortunately a mobile supplier comes by once a week. Phil reminds me we could be living where the rain and snow prevail eight months a year and although that philosophical statement is true, I continue to wish for and often vocalize my boring bleat for warmer weather as it continues to be less than 40 degrees in the mornings!

We went to Blockbusters here in Yuma to investigate their procedure for renting movies to Rvers and were happy to discover it is just a matter of a credit card and identification. Exactly as it was when we were living in a stick and brick house. Unfortunately, even with thousands of videos and CDs displayed, it seemed to me their newest titles were a bit old. We saw 3:10 to Yuma quite a while back and it was the newest film they had in stock. The coming soon—New Release board touted three titles I had never heard of so my excitement about catching up on movies we have failed to see was dampened just a bit. I did find several titles from last year that we had missed—none of which were anything to get excited about.

My doctor in Shelton was most likely happy to receive my latest blood work via FAX as all my numbers were good and my A1c was 6.5 (diabetic in good control). We are still waiting for my Aunt Elaine to arrive—hopefully around the end of the month and we are looking forward to our five-day Gypsy Journal Rally at the Pinal County Fairgrounds in Casa Grande, Feb 10th. My project (scanning ALL my photos and genealogical documents into my computer) is coming right along. We bought an external hard drive and are backing up my work weekly. The hard drive goes to the Lone Ranger after each download so my eggs are not all in one basket.
Sister Dixie update: She is up on the walker and getting in and out of bed by herself! Fabulous progress and we praise her for all her hard work that is beginning to pay off!
While in Albany the spring of 2006 while we were waiting for Penny the Pace to get all her yearly work done, we spent some time exploring the Oregon Coast. The weather was less than perfect and consequently, our pictures left a lot to be desired. Here are some picture postcards of that extraordinarily beautiful place that we purchased for your enjoyment.

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