Sunday, October 28, 2007

9:26 am Sunday October 28, 2007

The following text was written over a week ago when I was making an effort to update my blog then started having problems with the Internet. I have decided to include it anyway and play “catch up” again later now that our equipment appears to be performing flawlessly—greatly reducing our anxiety levels.
October 21, 2007

Today is the big day. We will register for the 5th Annual MotoSAT DataStorm Users Rally sometime during today and attend the potluck at 5:30 pm to “meet and greet” the other attendees. Phil monitors the DataStorm User’s Forum and the Escapees Forum on line daily and he is really looking forward to putting faces to the names he has become so familiar with.

It has been hot here in Tucson since we arrived but the weather is supposed to really cool down for the next couple days then finish up the week in the low to mid 80s. That will be a pleasant change. Of course, MY nemesis—the wind—blows eternal in the desert and so Phil has been putting Penny’s awning up, then down, then up again, then down again! Sure makes one covet the automatic, self stowing awnings on the newer rigs. One day we came home after an afternoon of errands and a movie to find the neighbors has put up our awning for us. The next day Phil found the guys who did it and gave them our grateful “thanks”. We were embarrassed for committing the cardinal sin of Rvers (leaving the rig unattended with the awning down) but the fellows who came to our rescue when the wind came up told Phil, “Hey, we Rvers take care of our own!” Thanks again guys!

I pick up my travel journal when we left Colorado Springs, CO and headed south to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A visit with my nephew Dane, his wife, Jiaming and their 10-year old son, Joshua who live in Los Alamos was the primary reason but visits to Taos and Santa Fe were high on the list as well. We were rained out in Taos, (thunder and lightening chased me back to the car) and (as I always say, “We’ll just have to go back.”) but we really did enjoy Santa Fe. However, (and in our opinion only) our experience suggests that shoppers looking for a bargain from the local artisans should “Forget it! It ain’t gonna happen!” The word is out … the gringo tourists will pay any price so jack it up. Since we had neglected to rob a bank before going shopping, we walked away empty handed.

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