Sunday, October 14, 2007

1:49 pm Sunday, October 14, 2007

We arrived in Tucson, AZ this past Wednesday. We are here for a total of 21 days, seven of which we will attend the Datastorm Users (satellite internet) Rally to be held where we are staying at Beaudry RV Park. We decided to spend some extra time in Tucson before and after the rally because we wanted to get to know the city better but the freeway/road construction going on in Pima County is horrendous and is making that difficult. No matter the address we program, our Garmin GPS wants us to take the freeway (the shortest route across town) but after the first trip, we knew that was a mistake. All the exits into Tucson from I-10 are blocked (they are widening the freeway). Once on, you are trapped and cannot exit until you reach the other side of town. So—we are making our own way via city streets of which many are also in the middle of some kind of reconfiguration. Needless to say, we have taken some interesting round-about trips to reach our destinations. However, we are sure getting to see more of the city as we had planned and the only time it was a bit hairy was when trying to get to the theater in time for a movie we wanted to see. Otherwise, we have more time than money so we try to relax and enjoy the ride.

I pick up my travelogue in Scottsbluff, NE where I left off in my last post.

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