Monday, November 20, 2006

12:18 PM Monday November 20, 2006

We’ve only been in Yuma for ten days but we have felt like we’re home from day one. This town is so RV/Retiree friendly; every place we look, everywhere we go, we see couples that look just like us … our peers if you will. No one is taken aback by the fact that we are full time RVers and travel in our motorhome according to our whims or that our plans are carved in Jell-O. It is a very comfortable place to be. The danger of course, is getting too comfortable … however, the gypsy in my soul is alive and well. I know that sooner rather than later we will develop “Hitchitch” ( as it’s known in our circles or itchy feet (wanderlust) to non-rvers.

Yuma celebrated the “Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival 2006” this past weekend. Events were scheduled Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we managed to get up early enough on Sunday morning to be at the Cibola High School athletic field for lift off. We missed the big event on Saturday where they actually sent 35 balloons into the sky. Unfortunately, on Sunday the wind was a bit strong and only three of the many balloons in attendance managed to get up. It was very much like, “hurry up and wait” as the Yuma Proving Ground (U.S. Army) portable weather station was on hand advising the balloon pilots about conditions in the flight path. Obviously, the three balloons that did lift off warned the others by radio that it was pretty hairy so the waiting teams deflated their envelopes and we went home a bit disappointed. There were hundreds of people positioned around the field watching, all ages, shapes and sizes and it was a "people watching", entertaining experience.

Here are some of the pictures …

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  1. Good you are in Yuma and so comfortable. We are still in California to finish up some projects with friends help. Our Volvo bumper still need to be sand and paint.
    We will be in Las Vegas next week and hopefully the weather is a little warmer.