Sunday, August 06, 2006

10:40 AM Sunday August 6, 2006

Hello again!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and there is really no excuses … suffice it to say, my “starter” hit a flat spot and it’s taken some time to get a new one! Thanks for your patience …

Where have we been?
As close as the nearest café and, as far as some long day trips.
What have we been doing?
Much of our time has been spent in various ordinary actions along with a few exhilarating activities.
When will be on the road again?
Very soon; in fact, not long after Labor Day.
Where are we going?
The only thing for sure is: South—nothing else is carved in stone.

Our medical appointments are finished; we have both been given the A-OK from all of our doctors to travel again for another year. We’ve gone to visit many friends and our family and had company here at Penny the Pace from many more as well. Our days have been filled with “to do” lists close to home and some “play days” (fun stuff here in our home state) traveling to nearby tourist destinations—places we haven’t seen in years. And, Phil has been doing a lot of fishing with his pal, and our host, Lester.

Our good friend, George, stopped by to see us and we had a wonderful time eating, visiting and comparing ideas, adventures and feelings about fulltime Rving and living this lifestyle in general. Guess what? We found out we all think pretty much the same … could it be because the three of us share the same November 27th birthday?
Are there any more out there like us?
Here are some highlights of the past few weeks …….

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