Friday, January 13, 2006

9:50 AM Friday January 13, 2006

It is Friday the 13th … and raining hard; there has been lightning and thunder all around us since 8 AM and the weather channel shows severe weather cells all across the southeast with the possibilities of tornados! We are snug as a bug in a rug inside our warm and dry home on wheels and just as soon as my datastorm dish finds it’s way back through this cloud cover to the satellite, I’ll be back on line and able publish this little note. We are scheduled to leave Cullman tomorrow and our next leg is another short one so even if it’s still raining, we’ll probably scoot on down I-65 and get closer to the capital city of Montgomery. Still looking for good weather … ;-)

Here is a couple pictures of the mini-bananas being sold at the local Wal*Mart. They are just the cutest little things! At about three bites (depending on the size of your mouth I suppose), they are the perfect size for a snack and taste exactly like a full size banana.

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