Wednesday, January 11, 2006

7:25 PM Wednesday January 11, 2006

We drove south from Manchester, TN to Cullman, AL yesterday. It was a short drive and we arrived in less than three hours. By then, I was not feeling very well after spending the night before up and down with the beginning symptoms of a urinary tract infection. After we were set up, Phil took me to get a bite to eat then we spent the next three hours in the emergency room at Cullman Regional Medical Center. Ultimately, I was taken to an exam room and finally visited by a doctor who spent 30 minutes chit-chatting with us about … the “Klan” (he said they are alive and well AND underground in Cullman County), real estate values in Alabama (only $1,500 an acre for prime farmland south of Montgomery), the splendor of Alaska (wanted to know if we’d ever been there), Japan (the cost of living there), the high price of gasoline (he predicted $4 a gallon soon), the RV lifestyle (“Your not in one of those Winnabagos, are you?”) and, “oh yes, I’ll give you a prescription when you leave”. He was truly a character! I’ve had two pills since then and am already feeling 99% better.

We drove around Cullman this afternoon and found a few interesting pictures to share with you.

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