Monday, February 14, 2011



We crawled out of bed on Thursday (I think it was Thursday) and it wasn’t long before the power went out in Penny the Pace. Of course, she immediately switched to battery power but we had no heat (we use an electric heater to save propane) and I had no computer (I have a desktop). In a few minutes it came back on so we continued our morning routine and then it went out again. This time, Phil went into the house and checked and they were having similar problems. Part of the house was on, part was off and neither Phil nor Les could figure out what was going on. Les called the electric company and they sent a crew up to see if it was their problem or our problem (inside or outside the house). Well…

Come to find out, when Les hired the backhoe to dig out the parking space for parking our RV in Lester’s back yard this guy clipped the power line that is buried underground. Over the past year it has deteriorated to the point that it would lose connection but then for some unknown reason it would make the connection again. You see, we have had similar incidents over the past 10 months that somehow were resolved with Phil and Les changing plugs, etc., etc. Their house was originally built in the early 1900s and had been remodeled and renovated many times over the years so we never suspected the main line coming into the house.

With their sophisticated equipment, the power company found the problem … right under Penny the Pace. We had to move so they could dig down and repair the line the next day. We hurriedly packed all of our daily essentials, the rest of the food in the frig and freezer and Little Sophie’s bed and food and filled up the van and the pickup. Penny was readied for travel, slide came in, jacks came up (without a hitch after sitting idle for 10 months) and Phil drove her over to a large vacant parking lot nearby to wait out the repair job. We took our booty up to Hidden Haven Mobile Home Park and officially moved in! We will continue to live in chaos for awhile as I try and find places for everything to “have its place” but we are in no hurry. So far so good!

Celebrated my little sister, Dixie’s 61st birthday last night (a week early ‘cause her daughter, Tammy (the official family party giver) will be on a cruise in Mexico celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary on the actual day). It was a wonderful party as usual with family and many friends attending. The food was wonderful and the company was great! I’m sure all had a wonderful time!

PS: As you can see … my HERO got my computer working and I’m back in business!

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  1. Glad things are working out so well for you. That should make for a great Valentine's Day.
    Thanks for sharing. Hats off to Phil.

  2. Life is always interesting, whether or not you enjoy its various twists and turns!

  3. Well how ever it happened, your place is going to be fantastic! Phil to the rescue :)