Tuesday, February 08, 2011


After many months of preparation, we have at last gotten a new home for granddaughter, Sara and her partner, Jason. They have rented a two-bedroom mobile home in one of the two mobile home parks in Shelton. It isn’t fancy, is well used and not too well taken care of but with some ambitious scrubbing and a little help from us, it will work just fine for now. The best part is that she is now only five minutes from work. Her baby is due in April and they had been literally camping out in a small travel trailer about ten miles from town for the last few months. Before that, they were literally homeless when the car they had been living in died. Sara was at her wits end and desperate for some help. Her mom had been doing as much as she could and was literally tapped out financially and emotionally. She needed help!

Since arriving back in Shelton, we have been unable to ignore their predicament and made it our business to insure things turned around for these kids and with perseverance, transportation and a little bit of money (loans they will pay back) Phil and I have assisted them both in getting steady employment, a bigger place to live and a decent car to drive. Sara is cashiering at Little Creek Casino and will qualify for many benefits after her trial period and Jason (who has little experience and no primary skills) is washing dishes at one of the busiest restaurants in town called Blondie’s that is owned by a friend of ours. He is doing well and likes the job. The head cook has told him he is willing to train him to do some cooking eventually and Jason is looking forward to learning some new work skills.

The last three days have been spent getting them moved into the new place and their old residence cleaned up so they will get their deposit back. Sara says it is not perfect for sure but certainly cleaner than when they moved in. However, at the time, they were frantic for a roof over their heads so they were willing to overlook a lot of things.

Phil got the satellite dish online up at the trailer (there was already one on the roof) so we have TV using one of the TVs from Penny the Pace for now. We plan on buying a bigger flat screen after we move in. He also called Comcast for a high-speed Internet connection that will be hooked up on Friday. Also, this week we will move the couch and loveseat up to the trailer (Gloria and Lester gave us their old set and have been storing them for us) and start finishing up the office and the hallway. I think we will probably move in before they are completely renovated so I’m estimating our move in date to be in about a week.

We went to great granddaughter, Carly’s first basketball game last Wednesday. It was so much fun to cheer her on and watch how intense she is about the game. The apposing team was from Shelton Middle School’s 7th grade and most of their team was a head taller than Carly. Her speed and agility is her greatest asset under these conditions … we really enjoyed watching her play. She loves the game!

Thanks for stopping by and again, I apologize for being so late this week but I have been just a wee bit busy!
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  1. Glad you got your grand daughter settled... and that you are also... Enjoy the day!

  2. You are very nice people!

  3. Bobbie6:35 PM

    Thanks Mom & Phil for everything. We all so needed your help. You both have made living that much more enjoyable for all of us.....I Love You

  4. You sure picked the right time to be where you are. So glad you were able to help your Granddaughter get settled before the baby comes. Hope you get yourselves moved soon - your new place is looking GOOD!!
    Barb & Bob