Sunday, December 12, 2010


We were very pleased to welcome, granddaughter Megan, her husband Joshua and their son, our great grandson, Sean-Michael last Sunday for an afternoon and evening dinner party for family and friends at daughter, Bobbie’s home. Megan and her family drove up from Longview with a complete dinner on board and fed us all an amazing home cooked meal. Her wonderful soup was hearty, heart healthy and full of flavor. I can’t remember exactly what she called it but she told us, “Once you eat a bowl of this soup, you’ll start speaking Spanish words you didn’t know you knew!” She was right … it was delicious! She also brought two kinds of cheesecakes for dessert. That was a big hit especially the lemon flavored one. Much to our pleasure, she left the leftovers at Bobbie’s and we had a wonderful second meal the next day. Thank you so much for suggesting this wonderful family day darling Megan. We must do it again real soon only next time, we’ll cook for you!

On Friday I went to Olympia with Bobbie for some more of her echo nuclear tests. She spent all morning doing first one then another from 8:30 AM and then she had another test at noon. She will get the results when we go back to her cardiologist on Tuesday. They are trying to figure out why she is still experiencing chest pain after being on medication for three weeks. Actually, her episodes have never stopped and she has had more than a half-dozen incidences since leaving the hospital. The pain stops with a nitro pill under her tongue but she is getting more worried every day.

Phil has been finishing up a lot of details and has only a couple more to take care of and the living room and kitchen will be finished except for the work we are waiting for others to do. Again, we put on our patience caps and try to stay positive. While we wait, I will clean and he will paint. There is still plenty of that to do!

The rain continues to come down in buckets with more of the same on the way for the next week. There is water over many of the roads and flood warnings for several of the rivers in Western WA so driving is no fun. We are still transporting granddaughter, Sara to and from work at the Casino and taking her home late at night has been up to Phil. I can actually drive at night with my new glasses but when it is raining this hard, it is still difficult for me to see.

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  1. It's nice to read that you are enjoying a lot of family "stuff" these days. Geez, you have a lot of patience with those kitchen cabinets! Little Sofie seems to be fitting into the family just fine. Big Sofie seems to have accepted her. Enjoyed the photos of your new home - lots of work, but it's looking really nice.

  2. Your new house is looking fanTAStic! I know your anxious. have then considered her chest pains may not be heart related? I have had them for years(not severe at all) and it's from my lungs.