Sunday, December 19, 2010


I decided to de-stress my Christmas this year and NOT write a holiday letter. Please to not take me off your list for next year because I really do LOVE getting them from those of you who write one. I do hope to send out a few cards to my non-computerized family and friends but I can’t even guarantee that as fast as time is getting away from me. New Year Cards anyone?

Well, I guess I lied (not intentionally of course). I just ‘thought” I had some pictures. The ones I really have are poor quality and I need to figure out why. In some instances, in order to get any picture at all, I have been using a setting called “high sensitivity” and although I get the shot, the pictures turn our grainy looking. My perspective in the past has been, “grainy pictures are better than no pictures at all” but I’m beginning to challenge that thinking. They really are poor quality and hardly worth publishing in the blog except there are no others … sorry about that. I will work on it.

Update on the kitchen cabinets: our cabinetmaker now has the flu. Says he will be back at it by mid-week. Our laminate man is back in town from the slope in Alaska and we will contact him tomorrow. Since we know nothing about the timing of this sort of remodeling, we have been told he can go ahead even though the drawers are not in and doors are not on yet. When Phil queried the cabinetmaker, he was told they would be “European style” cabinets with hidden hinges and no face frames. Okay, can’t wait to see that!! The cabinetmaker says he wants the countertop on BEFORE he puts the doors and drawers in place because all laminate men are sloppy and drip glue or scratch the cabinets when they work. I can’t wait to hear what our laminate man has to say about the cabinetmakers work. These independent contractors are brutal (and juvenile) with their opinions of each other and it would be funny if we were not in the middle of it.

My project now is to empty our bedroom at the trailer and get it ready for painting. After the painting, we have to clean and repair the windows and screens (one needs to be replaced) then install the storm windows. Once that is done, blinds can be installed. We will also paint the bedstead and built in dresser changing it from ugly brown to a shabby chic white. Phil put in some shelves at the end of the closet in front of the fuse box. The depth of the box uses up so much space the rod in front of it is useless. So, I decided removable shelves were the solution. Although they are less than beautiful (pics next week, I promise), they will be very functional.

We hung a mirror, a clock and some pictures in the living room. Phil also carried the curio cabinet in from the bedroom, I cleaned it and we set it up with some pretties I had been stashing all summer. It looks very nice (again, pics next week). I’m not done in the living room yet but that will have to do for now. It would be nice if I could put away the things I have boxed up in the bedroom for the kitchen but until that is done, we still have to just keep on doing the double (Triple? Quadruple?) shuffle until their forever home (permanent landing spot) is ready.

Sorry, no pics of Sophie this week. She is progressing nicely. Getting more and more trusting of us each day. Also, we are sorting out her potty habits and getting better at the timing of her outside “walks” so we are hoping eventually to eliminate the potty pads. Bless her heart, she is so cute and her favorite treat right now is dry cheerios. Who knew? Daughter, Bobbie bought her a Mrs. Santa Claus white fur trimmed red velvet dress for Christmas. Will definitely get a picture of that for you as well!

Thanks for stopping by (and coming back today)!

Until next time ...

Until next time …


  1. We certainly understand that Christmas can catch up with you before you are ready! We make an annual family calendar, using whatever pictures we have taken about whatever topic we choose for the year (this year it was Western Mountains We Have Come to Love). Everybody in the family is featured on his/her birthday or wedding anniversary, and every month has two or three major photos. Then we have to print 12 copies, collate, punch, and assemble them. Somewhere in there, we take the stack of collated calendars to a printer to have a hole drilled. They they are wrapped, packed and mailed. The project takes literally months, trying to find the right pictures and some time to work. Got 'em mailed last week! Now we can ... wash dishes, clean house, watch our weight, and a few other things. Merry Christmas to you, the best ever.

  2. Wishing you the best of health and happiness in 2011 !
    An occasional visitor.