Saturday, May 01, 2010


Our drive on Sunday to Benson was uneventful. We arrived early having gained another hour when we crossed into Arizona. Our plan was to park at the Escapee’s Park but the office was closed on Sunday and the instructions were to dry camp until it opened on Monday. We did not want to boondock so decided to drive to another park but stopped for a few minutes to exchange hugs and say hello to our friends and fellow bloggers, Jerry and Suzy. We drove to Cochise Terrace RV Resort and parked Penny in their FHU sites for overnighters. Our friends had invited us to dinner (beer can chicken) and we brought a small carrot cake for desert. It was a wonderful evening of great food and good company as we brought each other up to date on the past year since we last stopped to visit. The next day we did some shopping at Wal*Mart and then met our friends at the local Italian eatery for an early dinner. We said our good byes and went back to Penny to get ready to leave in the morning.

On Tuesday we drove 285 miles to Yuma. Penny stalled coming down the west side of the hills just past Wellton but Phil started her again (at 60 mph) and she didn’t have any more problems the rest of the way into town. We checked in at Friendly Acres RV Resort and were informed we had to check out on Saturday as the park closes to transient residents on May 1st. Somehow, we had failed to discover that tidbit of info when we called to check on availability. Oh well! My cousin Nada arrived and we went to dinner at CoCo’s Restaurant and spent a couple hours catching up on all the newest news in each other’s lives. After dinner we drove over to look at Aunt Elaine’s little condo and discovered my cousin, her son Casey had also just arrived in Yuma from Washington. We had a short visit then went home to rest. The next day we met Nada for dinner at Happy Chef Restaurant and visited again for an hour or so after eating. She left for 10 days in Mexico the next morning.

The next couple days Phil made an appointment for Penny at a local garage for some tests to determine if her alternator was going out … again. If so, this will be the third one since we purchased her. We went out and talked to the fellow who installed the solar system on our coach and as Phil suspected, it may in fact be the cause of her intermittent problems. Hopefully, on Monday they will confirm or refute our suspicions. On Saturday morning we moved to Desert Holiday RV Park. We have stayed in this park several times and management greeted us by name and we saw our friend from New Hampshire, Jerry who winters in this park every year. We had linner at a restaurant Phil had wanted to try called Cretin’s Mexican Restaurant. It was very good.

If Penny’s problem is resolved on Monday, we will be leaving Yuma on Tuesday, (three days later than planned) on our journey to Pleasanton, CA to visit my sister, Robin and her family for a week or so.
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  1. Didn't we all enjoy our visit in Benson!!! Thanks for being here. I gotta post about all the visits we've had with friends like you in the past few weeks. It's been a social whirlwind, but a whirlwind we love!

  2. Someday.........when we're back on the road........we must meet Jerry & Suzy and get together with you guys again!!

    Happy Travels!
    Suzanne & Brad

  3. The blogging world just got a little smaller!!!!! I just looked out our windshield and who do I see? Penny the Pace! Welcome to Pleasanton! We're the Winnebago Tour across the way. We look forward to meeting you very soon. - Mary

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