Sunday, May 16, 2010


Many of us have what is called a “bucket list” and I was lucky enough to check off another TO DO from mine on Sunday. I had mentioned that I had never traveled on a train and my BIL suggested we ride the Niles Canyon Railroad before going to the movies. It had been raining and it was a bit of a windy, drizzly day but Walt drove us to Sunol, dropped my sister, Robin, Phil and me off at the depot and we bought tickets for the short ride to Niles. It was a fun trip even though it was more of a novelty than a real train but the car was authentic as was the track. We enjoyed the sights and Walt picked us up at the other end. Our Mother’s Day dinner was pizza and sandwiches at Round Table—certainly not traditional but very good. After we ate, we attended the restored Stanford Theater in Palo Alto where we watched an old black and white classic: Gunga Din (1939) starring Cary Grant. In between features (we only stayed for the one) a Wurlitzer organ rose up out of the floor in front of the stage and a talented musician treated us to a marvelous 15-minute concert. A great end to a wonderful day.

The next day, my lovely niece and namesake, Julie came by and picked up her mother and me and took us out for a Mother’s Day lunch at the excellent Italian restaurant in Pleasanton named the Girasole Grill. The combination of delicious food and a great all-girl visit made for a pleasant afternoon. Thank you Julie! When we got back to Robin’s house, we bumped Walt and Phil off the pool table and she and I played three games …we were not very good at it but we had fun!

Our Tuesday Linner was at one of our favorite restaurants called Sweet Tomatoes. After filling up on salads, soups and bread Phil and I went back to Penny the Pace to take a nap then we watched a little TV before bedtime.

Phil and I along with Robin and Walt met our newest Rving friends (see 05-09-2010 blog), Paul and Mary at Jim’s Restaurant, another one of the best restaurants in Pleasanton for lunch on Wednesday. Conversations on a variety of subjects were nonstop as we ate our various meal choices! When we left the restaurant we promised to see each other again before we both pull out next week. Our day ended early again as I was in need of some down time to rest.

Our dearest friends, Les and Gloria in Shelton, WA opened their newest adventure—a business in downtown they named Rocks n’ Rhinestones. They were in our thoughts all day wondering how the first day went but knowing how tired they would be we refrained from calling. Les called the next evening with the welcome news that business had been great both days. At my request, Robin prepared our Linner this afternoon; a delicious casserole that included cooked chicken, canned artichoke bottoms, cream of chicken soup with lots of cheddar and Parmesan cheese. She also served rice and tiny frozen peas. It was all yummy! After dinner we watched the DVD of this years Academy Award winning best picture called “The Hurt Locker”.

Friday morning, Phil and I went to the Alameda County RV Show just across the fairgrounds from where we are parked. We were there early and made a leisurely tour of the rigs on display that we were curious about. Of course, we were not buying so the salesmen pretty much left us alone. There were more trailers and 5th wheels than motor homes so we were ready to leave after just a couple hours. I got a big kick out of being able to walk, climb in and out of the rigs for that length of time. A wonderful change from before my surgery :). After seeing the show, we drove to Fremont and spent some family time with my niece Julie and her husband Doug, while she cooked dinner for the family. Soon, Robin and Walt arrived then their son, Rex came over after work as did Robin’s granddaughter, Cindy. Doug showed us their latest project, the landscaping in their back yard. It is spectacular and since it has been finished, they have hosted several parties of more than 50 people with room to spare. Julie is a gourmet quality cook in my opinion and her chicken dish, baked asparagus, garlic-roasted potatoes and fresh fruit compote was scrumptious. Dessert was a decadent chocolate concoction with vanilla ice cream!

On Saturday, after moving Penny the Pace to another site (the site we were in had been reserved beginning that day) Phil left for Palo Alto to visit his brother, Marion and his family while Robin and I went shopping. Phil hadn’t made it back when Robin, Walt and I went to Mimi’s Café for Linner. As always, this favorite restaurant did not disappoint. After Phil came back and joined us at Robin’s house, Walt, after not getting any takers for his second ticket, went off to attend the symphony. Phil and I went back to Penny at the end of another great day visiting family here is California.

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  1. Hey, you guys are running around in our old digs! We lived in Livermore for about 7 years while Suzy worked there at the little Sears catalog store and I worked at Safeway headquarters in Oakland. We did a little child raising in Livermore also. We vaguely remember the Girasole Restaurant, and lovely downtown Pleasanton!

  2. Hi glad to finally read your Sun blog. You sound good. I am in Mississippi visiting Suzanne and her family. I am going to TN and Sharons tomorrow. We have found some cute little delta towns like 'Sunflower, MS and Aligatorr, MS. Went to a Blues Club that Morgan Freeman owns and is supposedly there alot. Of course not when we were. Much fun and lots of laughs. Take care of yourself my dear.