Saturday, April 10, 2010


If all goes well (no reason I can think of that it won’t unless something shows up in my blood work) at my doctor appointment on Monday we have a “lift off” date! We will be traveling the first day of our trek west on Wednesday morning, April 14th. Phil has the back of the truck loaded (he had to add air to the tires) and since we had a trial run when Penny received her new tires, preparing our home on wheels to roll is going to be an easy task. We are both ready to go with a serious case of “Hitchitch” but even so, it will be hard to leave our friends and the lovely, lazy days of sitting in one place for a long time. In this lifestyle, the longer you stay without traveling, the more difficult it is to leave—in our experience anyway. Anywhooooo, with one eye on the weather and the other on the road that is our intentions for all those who have asked. But, be advised, a fulltime RVer’s “plan” is always carved in Jell-O.

Phil and Roger went on their last fishing trip last Tuesday. They caught fish but the big ones all got away. It doesn’t really matter to them; they always have a good time regardless of the size of the fish. Don’t get me wrong, they love catching the big ones but it’s okay if they don’t. Phil decided that in order to make more room in the back of the Ranger, the “Fold a Boat” will ride on top, unfolded (meaning all put together). If it is taken apart, then the seats, etc. need to be stowed in the back of the truck. Hopefully, it will make the trip without incident.

We drove to Plant City and had an early dinner with Margie and Roger at “Buddy Freddy’s Southern Family Dining.” It is a local buffet with many dozens of choices and tasty food. We all ate more than we needed but Roger and Phil hurt them on the shrimp and fried chicken. We discovered this restaurant on one of our daytrips last week and it was so good, we wanted to share it with our friends. Margie learned an interesting factoid about this place after we got home saying that the original owner, Fred, opened another restaurant after he sold this one and has a better buffet that he sells .50 cents cheaper. Too bad we don’t have time to go back and try that one before we leave.

My next post will be from the road, thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,


  1. I am glad you are coming home. I had hoped you would come close so we could see you . If you can't we will come there to see you. Restwell dear. You are loved.

  2. I am so thrilled for you Joy!!! I know you're anxious to hit the road. Next year we will be home in Florida for the winter so I am hoping we will be able to meet. Have a great day & travel safe...

  3. So glad the news is good.. have a safe and wonderful trip~

  4. Its been awhile since I was able to get around to reading the blogs I like to follow. Sounds like you're on the road home. Bon voyage Joy and Phil! (: