Saturday, December 19, 2009


All I’ve got to say is GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN! Only five days until Christmas and I’m still a day away from sending my Christmas cards out in the mail but I must tell you I have put up the good fight this year. With Phil’s help I refused to yell uncle and admit defeat so I have emerged victorious! The back story is this: after I figured out how to print my address labels last year I promptly put it out of my mind and went about my business for another year. Okay, so this year we had to start from scratch (memory wise).

Phil often says sometimes, between the two of us, we’d make a good half-wit. We always laugh and think that remark is really funny. Well, this time he was leading the way and I was playing catch up remembering how to do it! I have my holiday newsletter written, we’ve printed our return address labels and we’ve found our Christmas cards but those pesky snail mail card address labels were refusing to cooperate. But, I am happy to report they are done and ready to go on the envelopes. By tomorrow we should have them ready to mail.

How I wish everyone on my list had e-mail! I know there are some that hate receiving the electronic version but I love all of you that are included in my e-mail edition address list. Thankfully, there are three times more of you than the family and friends that have still not joined the e-mail society. Also, this year after we figured out the sequence to printing I wrote it down—click for click and put in my Xmas file. There will not be a repeat of this fiasco in 2010!

Our friends, Margie and Roger have fired up their big diesel pusher and headed north to Tennessee to spend the holiday with family. Neither wanted to leave this warm weather behind but “Duty” called. They will be back as soon as possible after Christmas if all goes well. Again, our life has been fairly quiet this past week. Not a drop of drama to report (well except for printing those darn labels)! :-)

After Christmas we will get out and see a few things to share with you. Until then, bear with me, and thank you so much for stopping by!

Until next time,


  1. Good Morning Joy & Phil... Glad you got your cards all done...We have had the same problem with remembering things we haven't done in a long time... Great photos... I really enjoyed your post & photos today. Have a super day my friends...
    Travel Safe

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOL! Oh how I know what you're talking about with that darn printer!!! You are a brave trooper to keep going! Merry Christmas Joy (and Phil)! (:

  3. Phil and Joy - whether you get the labels right and the letters and cards mailed, know that we appreciate knowing you and following YOUR life on wheels from Our Life on Wheels!

    Merry Christmas with a capital C.