Saturday, December 05, 2009


After what has seemed like unending days of rain, the forecast is for sunshine starting today. We are ready for some Florida sunshine! It has been so wet we have been sticking pretty close to home and there isn’t much to write about this week. Because we have the use of the storage shed on this site, Phil has been cleaning out the basement storage in Penny the Pace. He is also working on sorting and cleaning both his personal and collectable fishing gear and is looking forward to selling a few items on E-bay again since we will be parked in one place for a while.

One day last week we did take a drive to visit the Blue Springs State Park north of Orlando. The West Indian manatee is an endangered species and hundreds of them return to this park on the St. John’s River during the colder winter months where there are several warm water springs. Phil’s good eyes spotted two of them but they were so far away, the camera could not get a picture. I did get to see one raise its head and take a breath but Phil missed it. For more info on these gentle giants click here.

Phil came home the other day with a new patio table, four chairs and an umbrella. One of our neighbors had it out on their driveway for sale because they never used it and we decided we could use it while we’re here and resell it when we leave. Sounds like a win-win situation to me and we love having a place to eat outside. We had our friends Margie and Roger over the other night to initiate the table and Phil grilled some lovely chicken breasts for dinner. It was a great evening with good friends and good food!

We have also set out our bird feeding station and the hummingbird feeders but so far, we have not seen any birds except the big Sandhill Cranes that hang out around here. Maybe we should have taken a hint from the fact that there are no bird feeders evident in this park, anywhere. Maybe there are no birds in this area of Florida … naahh, that can’t be true. We will just wait and see.

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  1. I am glad you are having nice weather. Its 10 degrees here and the wind is blowing about 20 mph. Very cold but no snow. Those Sand Hill Cranes are huge. Bob saw some in Montana when they were riding in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. He was amazed at their size. Have a wonderful week.

  2. When we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, we used to camp at Blue Springs at least once a year. I adore the Manatees and it was always such a thrill to see them. Like you, I could never get a good picture.

    Did you happen to rent a canoe and explore the river just beyond the spring area? It's fabulous and wildlife is everywhere ... it's a nature-lovers dream!

    Thanks for sharing ... and I hope you are enjoying the season!

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