Saturday, October 24, 2009


Our location: Escapees Rainbow Plantation RV Park in Summerdale, AL. FHU space #49. Very friendly, very helpful in the office. The park is a ways out of town so going in to eat or shop is a good 15 mile round trip. That’s okay for stay at homes but for us, (we go a lot) the gas expense might be an issue. My review: Well … the sites are wonderful, wide and roomy with lots of grass unless you consider the abundance of ant nests in the sandy soil around the space. Phil has sprayed and hopefully they will not find us but just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies. The idea of ants doesn’t get Phil as riled up as it does me but with luck, we will escape an invasion. While getting set up, we were greeted by the sound of shooting that lasted well after dark. There must be some kind of practice range across the road. There has been additional shooting here and there each day we’ve been here. A bit disconcerting but over time we have been able to ignore it. Rates: We took advantage of the buy 15 (days)—get five free, which brings the price down (with tax) to about $11 a day plus electricity. Not too bad for an extended stay. So, we know we will be here for 20 days, and we can renew again for another 20 if we decide that is what we want to do or we can go daily or weekly at that point. Very flexible pricing.

The weather has been cool, rainy, hot and humid—all mixed up in the four days we’ve been here. Actually, much better than our last stop in TN. The forecast is for sunny weather for the next few days! That will be nice.

I’ve probably mentioned before that I read a lot. Many different kinds of books—my favorites are biographies, historical novels and modern mysteries but I’ll read just about anything if it piques my interest. My problem is that when I’m shopping in a bookstore, at the Goodwill or a used bookseller’s store I can’t remember what I’ve read when scrutinizing dozens of titles by a favorite author. I solved that problem by keeping a running list of books I’ve read in Excel with a copy in my purse. I counted it yesterday and found I have read 53 books since 1 April 2009 or about one book every four days. Of course, Truman by David McCullough was hardcover at about 900 pages and I just finished Beneath the Ashes by Sue Henry (an Alaska Mystery) at only 325 pages so that is an average. Now you know why my heart rate goes up when I spot a used bookstore and there is one here in a little town nearby called Foley. What fun when I find a new source and at bargain prices to boot!

This week I want to tell two very special cousins from my LITTLE family, sisters Lea and Sharon how much I love them and appreciate how much they care for me. Lea lives in WA and writes a blog called Lea and Her Mustangs and Sharon lives in TN and administers a blog written by her wonderful Labrador called The Life and Times of Penny the Neighborhood Dog These two ladies are best friends, traveling companions as well as aunties and back up grannies to their kids, grandkids and great grandkids. I just wanted to tell everyone how important both are to me and encourage my readers to check out their wonderful blogs.

Sadly, we lost a dear friend back in our former hometown of Shelton last week. Our thoughts are with his widow and her family. We love you Joan.

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  1. Joy, I have another friend who lives a similar gypsy-type life, and love it... only they are on a boat "down under." She does exactly the same thing you do... haunts the Goodwill stores and St. Vinny's finding and devouring books of all kinds while... her husband sails them here and there with the winds. Both your life and hers intrigue me constantly. I love the tales of travel to far away places... while I seem to be so rooted to one spot on earth. Its of my own choosing tho. I'm an armchair traveler. I love your stories, and hers. (: Take care not to be swept away by those crazy currents~ Happy travels to you. Vicki

  2. You write about aunts and ants, the one very pleasant, the other not so pleasant, but both have a place in God's world. The ants should be taught that their place is NOT inside an RV.

  3. Just a note about ants in Alabama. Find out if they are FIRE ANTS.. regular ants can be pesky but Fire Ants are vicious! and Lowes or Home Depot has stuff to get rid of them~