Sunday, July 26, 2009


We have had very nice weather the last few days. There was one small storm a couple days ago in the middle of the night with a few flashes of lightning and fairly loud claps of thunder. This was accompanied by light rain and wind but the daytime hours and evenings have been warm and wonderful. Maybe summer has finally arrived. Feel free to remind me that I said this when the real heat of summer actually arrives next month :)!

Driving down the road Phil and I do not listen to the radio or play CDs. Occasionally, we listen to a book on tape but I can count on one hand how many we have actually finished in five years. Instead, we watch the world go by, observe the landscape and listen to our Penny as she purrs down the road all the while exchanging comments, thoughts and ideas. Our cockpit area is actually fairly well insulated but since both of us are hard of hearing (and it is getting worse with time), there is a lot of “What?”…“Huh?”…“Say that again.” that goes on. We both hate it but since it really isn’t bad enough to require a hearing aid-yet that is, (Have you priced a Miracle Ear lately?) I don’t see a viable solution in our near future. That said, I sometimes feel like a doddering old fool when I don’t hear, can’t comprehend the sounds I do hear, and react slower than I did in my young and quick-minded days. I can’t help but wonder, if this will get worse or if this as bad as it gets? I can only hope that the latter is true!

The last six weeks spent in Wisconsin, the UP (Upper Peninsula) and Michigan has been an eye–opening experience. The three Great Lakes we have seen so far are truly magnificent and well worth visiting. We couldn’t help but notice that the whole state of Michigan is for sale! With a 19.5 % unemployment rate, we have decided that must be the reason. We have never seen so many different things for sale in one place: Every other house has something “for sale” with a sign in the front yard that offers acreage, old and new cars and trucks, rvs, farm equipment, campfire wood, animals, farm produce, and homes in town and out in the country. Michigan reminds us of WA; lots of evergreen trees (mostly pine), very green and lots of low, gray clouds and sprinkles rather than downpours except the air temperature is warmer for the most part. I have heard this is the coolest summer in years in this neck of the woods and we love it. The low 80s are just fine with us.

As you can see, we are now in Elkhart, Indiana, and will head east in a few days and settle near Niagara Falls for a week but from there, we are still undecided. We have two fairly certain dates; a rally in Ohio in late September and a family reunion in eastern Tennessee one day after the rally ends but otherwise, all plans are carved in Jell-O.
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  1. Hey Joy & Phil, So glad your car troubles were easily fixed... I loved the little bridge... Isn't it amazing how many great treasures you can find on the back roads? You guys have fun and safe travel...


  2. Where do you plan to stay in Niagara Falls? We stayed on the Canadian side at a KOA - can't remember the price. It was convenient to the falls.

  3. Thanks for sharing even more adventure with us. I can really relate to your hearing loss. For me it has kept getting worse. (It actually started at age 15 with a blow to the head. Maybe that explains a few other things as well!) I'm at the point that my left ear is now "unaidable" and I do wear a Miracle Ear in the right. Doesn't mean that will happen with you guys, though. Let's get together and try to hear what each other is saying!

    About the air museum - wow, that's BIG! Have you been to McMinnville, Oregon to see the Spruce Goose? It's in a great air museum also, but not nearly as big as the one you just visited.

  4. Am glad your week was pleasant. Just got back from a few days with Nikki. Its HOT, notice the capitols. We do the huh thing too.Have a good week