Sunday, July 05, 2009


Yahoo! What a gorgeous morning here in Iron Mountain, MI! The temp was 62 degrees when I got up at 7:30 am and the sun is shining … no breeze and not a cloud in the sky. The forecast is for a high of 79 and in MHO, it doesn’t get much better than this. Fortunately, this campground does not allow fireworks but even so, here at Summer Breeze RV Park all sites were full however, they are beginning to pull out already. The local “amateurs” were here in force and we experienced our first obnoxious smoky campfire right next door that kept us from opening our door and windows on that side of Penny the Pace. When we bought her five years ago, it took many weeks using “Fabreeze” daily to eliminate the smell of campfire smoke inside. I guess once in five years isn’t much to complain about but it was not a pleasant experience. We have gone to the movies and taken one day trip but decided to stay off the road this weekend as a safety measure.

Last week I forgot to mention our Passport America RV park (with no restrictions) called Stop and Dock Marina and RV Park in Two Rivers, WI. I told Chuck I would critique his park in my blog so better late than never. With only 18 (all FHU) sites, it is located on the shore of a small tributary of Lake Michigan and had been a bustling fish camp at one time. Then the level of the lake dropped drastically from a COE project up north over ten years ago. The corp. is trying to correct the problem and the water is rising finally so now it is four feet higher than it has been for years and the owner rented a slip to a big boat for the first time in years while we were there. Needless to say, he was very happy. We had a perfectly clear shot at the southern sky for our Datastorm satellite with little street noise. There are several “seasonals” but they were quiet without a lot of coming and going and believe it or not, no trains within earshot. Aside from the war Phil had to wage against the tiny little black ants that had their hills EVERYWHERE it was a very comfortable home base for us and the price was right for our week on the river.

While in Two Rivers, Phil chartered a fishing boat and went fishing on Lake Michigan. The boat went out at dawn and he was home with his limit by 10:30 am! He had a great time and our freezer is full of Lake Michigan salmon and one good-size trout. It is delicious. We had a knock on the door the night before and Jan invited us next door to visit and meet her husband Richard. We went over to their beautiful Foretravel Coach, had a nice visit and exchanged e-mails. They are on a summer trip from Oklahoma and we gave her this blog address. Jan had found us through the SKPs website where Phil actively comments and makes note of our location. She said she told Richard, “It has to be Phil and Joy right next door!” And it was :)! Great fun and the very first time in five years that it has happened. Oh yes, we gave them a nice chunk of salmon when Phil got home from fishing which according to Jan’s e-mail a day or two later, they really enjoyed.

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  1. Good to hear from you again! Your adventures are always fun to follow!

  2. Sounds like you have had a great week as usual. Phil must have really enjoyed his fishing trip. So how was the experience going from Wisconsin to Michigan?

  3. Well hi there! Thanks for the visit on my blog and the nice comment. Always good to meet new friends. Wow!! Fulltime RVers - that's got to be fun. My dad would have liked doing that very much, but mom not so much. Unfortunately, dad never achieved that dream, but did spend some precious time travelling in his beloved motorhome. Mom was more of a homebody. Will check in from time to time and see where your path leads you. God Bless and safe travels!!

  4. Very nive blog!!!

  5. Hi Joy & Phil... Great post and the review of the park you were in was good... I like that kind of info. We really have gotten a late start but finally on the road... Have fun & safe travels to you both