Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here is the reason for the above title along with the latest on our refrigerator repair. Just as we were planning to move north into Wisconsin, we developed a leak in the newly installed renovated cooling unit. Phil called Mark, the frig repairman in Drakesville and he said bring it in immediately. We turned south (fortunately we were only 90 miles away) and drove back to Mark’s Amish farm where his shop is located. He had us repaired and we were back on the road in less than two hours. This time, we decided to stick around for a week so we drove to Lakeside RV Park near Bloomfield to wait it out. Once we were set up, we began noticing serious hail damage on the mobiles that are permanent residents in this park. In town, the destruction was everywhere on the buildings facing west including the beautiful old courthouse. As it turned out, had we stayed here last week after the first repair we would have been subjected to a horrendous hail storm (some as big as grapefruit) and most likely sustained some severe damage. I’ll put a few pictures of destruction that covered several miles west to east below. Our decision to move north on June 3rd saved our Penny the Pace and we are very grateful!
While we were in Kellogg, we drove to Kalona, IA and took a guided tour of the Kalona Historical Village. What a delight that turned out to be! Our tour director was on her last tour of the day and locking up behind us so we felt a bit rushed but I still managed to get quite a few pictures and I'll share just a few. If you are ever in this part of the country, it is well worth a stop.

Several years ago I gave up my much-loved diet soda and started drinking caffeine free soda. Then, I changed to carbonated, flavored water. Then, I gave that up for Crystal Lite added to bottled water. A month or so ago I started drinking diet cola again and as usual, with my addictive personality it went from one—once in a awhile to a daily mega drink! All the while, I continued to drink my coffee every morning. Well, guess what? Very quickly, I have had consequences (heart palpitations and chest pain) that I remember well from 20 years ago when they caused me to give up caffeine completely for a long time. So, I’m back on the wagon and down to one cup of coffee in the morning even contemplating herbal tea as an alternative. I am definitely super suceptable to the affects of caffeine on the body.

When we leave here (so far so good for the recent warranty re-repair on the fridge) we are taking Penny the Pace to the HWH factory in Moscow, Iowa to have her hydraulic jacks checked and repaired. We have had a small leak for years and since we are this close, decided to make an appointment. It wasn’t on the agenda but luckily, Phil and I both remembered where the factory is located about the same time and it is only approximately 100 miles. Where do we go from there? We really haven’t decided yet but it will be somewhere in Wisconsin. Hopefully, we will find some good weather!

Speaking of the weather, the blue skies of Iowa have been few and far between. The cloudy, overcast days we have endured have been reminiscent of our former home state of Washington except that it is warm. The website, The National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image has been our constant companion … we both check it a couple times a day here in “Tornado Alley”. Summer is only a week away but so far there is no sign of it here in the heartland. The corn that didn’t get trampled by the hail is growing (almost a foot since we arrived) and the soybeans are up and going strong. I suppose the cloud cover is a blessing to the locals and they are happy that the summer heat hasn’t arrived yet as the temperature is staying in the 70s and low 80s.

I want to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart and tell you how much I appreciate your following along with our adventure. Your comments keep me coming back to the computer each week even when I feel I don’t have much to say. Many of you have commented that you like all the pictures so as long as Blogger cooperates, I’ll continue to post as many as possible. Be sure to sign up as a follower even if you do not have a blog of your own so I know you are checking in on us. Phil and I really enjoy seeing a new reader listing.
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  1. OK, I'm feeling guilty about offering you diet Coke while you were here. Glad you are on the wagon again; sorry your body got out of whack from the caffeine.

    Glad you were able to get the frig re-repaired. Hope all goes well weather-wise in the days ahead. Thank goodness Penny didnt get pelted with that hail!

  2. When I see thinks like that hail damage, I am always thankful to live here. And we don't have that much snow usually. I have pictures of the Amish taken covertly too. Unless you have a long lense it is difficult to get a closer up good picture. I love your blog Joy and its the first one I look at on Sundays.

  3. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Julie: If posting pictures on Blogger becomes an issue, try setting up an account with Flickr, or one of the other social network sites designed specifically for sharing picturs. Their monthly upload limits are fairly generous, and there are many nice features to the sie. You can direct your blog readers there for photos. Bruce

  4. Another very nice story from two very nice people! Your museum tour must have been fun, even if rushed a little bit. Thanks for sharing, and watch out for hailstones -- one of those big ones would kill a horse.

  5. LOL! Joy, you cracked me up with the soda story... for me its a Pepsi fight during summertime. I can't seem to resist it on a hot summer day. (: