Sunday, June 28, 2009


After a rain shower or two and a couple rumbles of thunder last night, there is a beautiful clear blue sky this morning and the temperature at 7 am was 68’f, however it is windy. The man next door left their RV awning down night before last and hasn’t returned. This morning when I got up, there is about an 18-inch tear in one corner and the wind is still blowing. No doubt when he gets up Phil will put the guys awning up as a “good neighbor” gesture. (note: Phil says it is an old tear but put the awning up anyway). We had tape on our old awning for three years before we replaced it after getting caught in a sudden and violent windstorm (we thought maybe the tail of a tornado) with the awning down in North Dakota in 2005.

Our drive from Dodgeville this past Wednesday was uneventful, just the way we like them. The Wisconsin countryside did not disappoint and I took many pictures. The verdant landscape dotted with farms complete with barns and silos is breathtaking in the fact that is goes on and on and on! There are more small evergreen trees (mostly pine) as we travel north but deciduous trees continue to be the norm. Last week I mentioned the lack of orchards but we found several while taking a daytrip north in Door County—mostly apple trees. Many vineyards and wineries are evident as well. Sturgeon Bay was a bit of a disappointment after reading all the hype. The town is torn up with major street and bridge construction and even with the help of the visitor’s center we found it difficult to find a (non-smoking) place to eat and finally after checking out several options ended up at a familiar Applebee’s with a nice location on the bay. I had hoped for a great local seafood place … but that didn’t happen.

Margie and Roger, our friends in Gallatin, TN where we stayed two weeks in April and May have purchased their motorhome; a like-new, 40 ft., 2007 Phaeton QDH with four slides built by Tiffin. It is a beauty and they are thrilled to have it parked in the driveway at long last. Now when the house sells, they will be ready to start the next phase of their lives together in “Phaez2”, the moniker they have given their new home. Margie has faithfully blogged (her blog is linked on my sidebar) every hill and valley over time in the journey towards a new fulltime RV lifestyle and you can check it out here.
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  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Welcome to Wisconsin! I'm down near Milwaukee but have traveled most of my home state. Hopefully you're enjoying the beauty of Wisconsin. (not just our wierd weather) Sturgeon Bay is a bit boring, IRL, Sister Bay is a bit "quainter" I see you're in Two Rivers now. Manitowoc is a nice town. There's a great burger place called the Penquin in town that's got good burgers & yummy shakes (if that's your thing)

    Also that little bird you pictured down a post or two is actually a Killdeer Now I know where they all go for the winter.

    Enjoyed your blog!
    Ann in WI

  2. Hi you two. The Popeye Express is finally back on the road, currently in Oregon, but heading east come Sunday July 5th. We plan a brief visit to Grand Rapids MN then will head to Bowling Green Ohio for the FMCA convention. By any chance, is this on your itinery? Hope to see you on the road!