Sunday, January 11, 2009


Question of the week: What color was Coca Cola originally? (answer at the bottom of the post)

The sun is shining this morning and at 8 am it is nearly 60 degrees. The wind has died down after a three day blow and it would be nice if it stayed this way for the next two weeks before we leave Yuma on the 25th. Phil has raised and lowered our awnings so many times since we’ve been here, he has his awning expertise fine tuned and I think he could do it with his eyes closed. We have rented a private lot for a month just down the road from the Pinal County Fairgrounds outside Casa Grande where the Gypsy Journal Rally is being held. Had we known, we could have saved a little money by buying day passes but by the time we found this site to rent, we had already sent in the check for our tuition. I suppose Nick would have given us a refund but we realized it is more fun to park with all the other rally attendees anyway so decided not to ask.

We have had a very quiet week. Our only excitement has been Phil’s new laptop (purchased in Sept. 2008) computer going into the shop at Circuit City. He has been using his old laptop since then and is reminded continuously why he bought a new one. He finally uninstalled AOL which has helped some. Using them for our internet provider the past four years is a tale I won’t bore you with except to say it will come to an end this coming April. That will be a $240 raise for us per year. (Hey! That’s a tank of gas!) Like I said, it is a long (somewhat embarrassing) story!

Without any particular comings and goings when I think about what to put in the blog I have “too many choices.” However, I must remember that what I think to be fascinating is quite possibly of little interest to the people who read this blog for “travel” news. My recent report about my plans to work on digitizing my genealogy files has been put on hold for a few days because it seems I did not install my new HP 3-1 printer properly. I don’t know this for sure but it appears I didn’t “check” a certain box to install the OCS part of the new software so consequently, it will not scan text that will be editable—photos yes but that is only part of my files. That is a deal breaker for me so if uninstalling and reinstalling (correctly) the software doesn’t fix the problem it looks like my printer will be going into the shop as well.
We have dear friends in Tennessee that recently informed us they have made the decision to sell out and go fulltime. They have been our cheerleaders and constant companions since the day we started down the highway; meeting them through our blog then getting together in person when we stopped to see them on a trip through TN in 2005. We spent 90 minutes on the phone the other night and they asked us many questions. We did our best to give them good quality info even though, in the big scheme of things, Phil and I are new-bees. There are many, many fulltimers that have been on the road for 10-15 or more years. We have found that the longer we live this lifestyle, the more we like it and that seems to hold true with the genuine fulltime pioneers. We shared as much of our expertise as we could and volunteered to be available for anything else they wanted to know—we are very excited for them.
Answer: Green (eeewwwwww! Yuk!)

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  1. I am excited just thinking of it. Someone starting full timing. I catch the fever all over again, even though we have been doing it for years. We love it. We joined a group called Bulleck a few years back. They immediately sold to 'Mid-Atlantic, who has sold to Thousand Trails. The benefits stay the same, but we find out selves just staying in the same parks, rasonable, but we are thinking about hitting the road again this spring & summer. Liked the entry,

  2. I agree with you -- green - what a color for Coke; so glad they changed the color of it!

    how exciting for your friends! I bet they are looking forward to it; always great adventures for sure!

    enjoy the rest of your stay in Yuma before moving on :)


  3. Green Oh icky- but if thats what we had always knows, probably would not think about it. Green coke does not do anything for me though.

    Love you,

  4. Green? Really? Gross!

  5. But was Pepsi green too?

  6. Hi Joy,
    Hopefully it was a nice light limey green. :o)
    You posted a comment on our blog and I have replied!

  7. JUst stopped by to say hello. I see the previous comment made it. Yeah, don't think I would like greeen coke!

  8. Jenn and Carly2:26 PM

    Hi Grandma!

    Thank you and Phil so much for my Birthday card... It was very sweet!
    I see you too are having a lot of fun in the nice weather.. huh??

    I really miss you guys, and love you very much!!!

    Take care of you.. Carly say's HI

  9. Joy, I got a comment on my blog today from Sherry something, can't remember anyway she said, you said we were cousins? Thru whom where - catch me. Love finding family like finding you dear ones. You cana send it n e mail if you want. Just very curious.