Sunday, January 25, 2009

MURPHY’S LAW IS ALIVE AND WELL~~~the rant continues!

And another computer bites the dust! At least it is down on one knee and I’m having second thoughts about giving up my America Online internet provider connection. Without it, this morning I would be on Phil’s old Dell trying to post because his new computer is in transit back to us (more about that in a minute). My desktop computer’s Internet Explorer software has contracted a virus of some kind and refuses to let me connect with the internet. According to the on screen pop-up warning, all my links including Google are a danger to my computer. This pop-up (that found its way through my pop-up blocker as if it wasn’t there) tells me I should buy new anti-virus software for “only” $49.95 and as far as we can see, there is no apparent way to close or delete the screen. Of course, I already have every virus, spy-ware, worm and phishing program known to man running but somehow, this thing got by it! We will be looking for a computer repair place in Casa Grande when we get there and hoping we don’t have to go to Phoenix. However, for all you lucky readers … AOL seems to be working fine so I can still get to Blogger and such as it is, post on my blog this morning.

We were supposed to leave for Casa Grande this morning. NOT! When his new computer failed, Phil spoke to the HP facility in Houston and after agreeing to send it in for repair—gave them explicit instructions saying in order to get our current address to call before shipping. We were sure they understood because the representative on the phone repeated the instructions back to him. I must admit I was a little uneasy when I saw they had written “phase D-4” instead of “space D-4” on the address label of the empty box they sent us for shipping our computer. Hmmmm…. was English the reps second language after all, even though he spoke perfect English? Just as a reminder, we also put a cover letter inside the computer, again, telling them to CALL before shipping. Of course, they completely ignored our instructions, fixed the laptop and shipped it Fed Ex over night back to us here in Yuma. Well… guess what? We have to wait four days for the “overnight” to get here (according to their website and tracking number) which puts us two days behind our scheduled departure date. That would be okay except our site rent is paid in Casa Grande beginning today so that means we are also paying a daily rate here in Yuma ($36 – ouch!) for the two extra days, while we wait. I know … it’s not the end of the world just aggravating. Then to top it off, my computer gets a virus! Okay, what’s next Mr. Murphy?

Phil arrived home last Sunday and within five minutes, our 12-volt problems were solved. You can believe I watched and listened this time. If it ever happens again … (even if I have to crawl around on the floor with a flashlight in my teeth) I know I can fix it myself! The most embarrassing part for me was realizing the next morning that the fuse was blown for the bathroom and bedroom only. The lights in the front part of Penny were fine but since I didn’t try them, I assumed they were out as well. As it turned out, I wasn’t completely in the dark after all and that’s how much I know! I have been scanning and sorting and filing and writing all week. We spent some time visiting with our loved ones and getting a good puppy fix from cousin, Nada’s Blessing Way. Phil has picked a good supply of oranges, lemons and grapefruit from Aunt Elaine’s citrus trees but there are plenty left that we worry will go to waste. There is a possibility that her sons might come down for awhile and if that’s true they’ll take care of them I’m sure. We are more than ready to move down the road but with my computer problems, we are glad to have the time at the next stop to get it fixed. Of course, we’re also looking forward to the Gypsy Journal Rally. This is our third rally with Nick and they are always a lot of fun and we just might learn a thing or two while we’re there.


  1. Ah, the pains of the full timer. BUT $36 a day? I fuss at $20. I understand about the addresses, seems the person listening takes you as 'just talking', and knows all about addresses, don't worry, you will get it. Not understanding the real situation.

    Some of the sites here will not accept mail any more and also add for $2 for each Fedex/UPS delivery. Fortunately we are close to our mail service here 20 or 40 miles, but it is worth it for shipments of books at 50 copies each,etc.
    Learning the trick of the small flashlight in your teeth, huh? Yeah it is a great third hand. TAke care hope you get the Laptop overnite (in a few days). ha!

  2. Let's look each other up at the Gypsy Journal Rally! This is our third one also, so we have undoubtedly passed each other several times without knowing each other.

    Suzy will probably be working the registration table, and we have volunteered to sell 50/50 tickets and nearly anything else Nick and Terry need help with. So you'll have to see us one way or another! We're looking forward to it!

  3. Oh boy, do I sympathize on the computer issues. Seems like we're all having more and more issues with them. Sigh...and they seem to be a necessary evil to most of us. Good luck!!

  4. Wow don't you just hate computer problems... we had our share this past summer... But fortunately all is ok now... Hope your on your way soon and you have safe travels... Have a great Sunday


  5. And this address problem doesn't just happen to full-timers. UPS and FedEx will NOT deliver to us---8 miles inside a gate and up a mountain---so leave anything that MUST come that way at the gate in a lock box. Only problems are that 1) anyone could take it out of the lock box (that has the combination that NEVER changes) and 2) if it is a liquid, it sure would freeze fast for 6 months of the year. So we must arrange for someone at an hardware store 20 miles away to hold it for us. Cheech!

    Joy, you might be able to make marmalade with Splenda. Bet they have that info on their website.

    Carol :)+

  6. Anonymous11:47 AM

    The number of Windows computers infected with the new "downadup" worm – also known as "Conficker" and "Kido" – has exploded to almost 9 million worldwide, from roughly 2.4m last Thursday, according to the computer security company F-Secure.

    Joy I left this on your blog this morning but don't see it. Talked to a couple of other's this has happened to and it was that virus. Hope you get it cleaned out

  7. I have two words for you - - Apple iMac. I changed over about a year ago and never looked back. They are more expensive but I've gone through at least 4 computers destroyed by viruses, nic cards fried, memories eaten, etc. So to me it was worth it not to be replacing every couple of years.

    I'm enjoying your adventures. Maybe someday for us.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  8. safe travels when you are finally able to leave Yuma; I hadn't thought of that before but living the way you do, your address for shipping things does continually change according to where you are; I'd have trouble remembering where I was at

    sorry about all the computer problems; it seems to go in cycles doesn't it?


  9. This is computer mess up month. Mine seems fine now though. Sorry you are having to go thru it. Take care and have fune in Casa Grande.

  10. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Hi, I popped over from Sharon's site. Anytime I can see someone that travels in a RV, I want to meet them. I'm adding you to my blog list, I'd like to keep up with your travels in our beautiful America. We are not full timers, but we do spend the summer in our RV. Hope you get safely on the road soon. Drop by when you get a chance.