Sunday, August 10, 2008

Same-O … Same-O! Easy going week ...

Quick note: If you have a slow Internet connection, it may take a few minutes to load the slide show albums. Hopefully, it will not take too long because even though it is a little extra work, I sure enjoy showing you more of the pictures we take and I hope you like it too.

Shelton weather report: At 8:30 am it was 60 degrees outside my window. I could see patchy blue sky with an excess of low fluffy white clouds. There have been a few warm days, mostly cool nights and too much rain so if you ask me how I’m enjoying summer in Washington State, I would have to say, “What summer?” In my opinion, summer should equate to hot weather … day and night and sunshine that warms you to the bone. When and if that happens in this part of the country everyone starts worrying about water rationing so most locals are very happy about this weather. Personally, since we retired I have learned to love the heat—I miss it and I am antsy to travel south where it lives. I want to get back into my shorts and sandals and put these long pants, socks and jackets where they belong—in storage!

Sister report: Well, she must be doing well and keeping busy as I have not heard one word from Dixie except through mutual friends so I am going to assume that “No news is good news.” Robin called to tell me she has pretty much decided to go ahead with follow-up radiation treatment and also that she had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack … if you want to know more, Google: TIA stroke) about three weeks ago. All the usual tests were done and her doctors found if anything at all, there was only minor muscle tissue damage. I experienced one in January of 2002 and did not suffer any long-term damage either unless you count the anxiety I have lived with since learning it is considered “a warning of future stroke.” Robin’s doctor increased her daily aspirin intake from 81 mg to a full size aspirin which is what I take as well. We truly believe the aspirin is what saved us from “the big one” (as Red Fox used to say) since stroke is prevalent in our family history. Question: Are you taking your aspirin?

Last Sunday was our great granddaughter Carly’s big celebration of her ninth birthday (actually on the fifth) and a great time was had by all. Along with her many friends, we met at Chucky Cheese in the mall in Olympia and watched as the group of nine-year-olds went berserk on the many machines before and after settling down for a few minutes while ice cream cake was consumed and presents were opened. Phil manned the camera and took over 150 photos working hard to catch Carly at a standstill but she was so busy, it was difficult to get a good shot. I have saved you from that barrage and only picked a few for a small side show here.

We have been working on our “to do” list a bit at a time but because we are both pretty laid back … it is coming along slowly. Oh yes, quick note on the computer saga. Phil finally got through on the phone number we had for the seller and he agreed to reimburse the cost of fixing the computer (we are getting an estimate now) within reason. I’ll keep you posted.

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