Sunday, August 17, 2008


Shelton weather: At 8 a.m. it was 64 degrees. There are no clouds in the pretty blue sky and summer has been teasing us these past five days. However, starting Monday RAIN is forecast for the next week. I knew there was no reason to get excited ;-)

Are you a reader? I cannot imagine my world without books. Of course, there is no room for a library on board our Penny the Pace. So, since we have been in Shelton, I have been taking advantage of my Timberline Library card (that I have had for many years) and reading every book mentioned in a magazine, on TV, on line or talked about by others that has some importance to me, with a special interest right now in anything historical or biographical. Our library allows it’s patrons to browse their catalog online, order the books they want on line and we are notified online when our books are ready for pick up. Then, we can go in, pick them up from a special shelf and check ourselves out electronically as we go out the door. It is a very convenient system that is extremely user-friendly. Sometimes I will be reading four books at a time and it will be a sad thing for me to lose that convenience when we start traveling again. Then I will go back to finding and using “Used Book Stores” wherever we are parked as most of them will give you credit on your next purchase when you return books. Of course, I have a new MP3 player (loaded with books thanks to my brother-in-law, Walt) that I still have to learn how to use but just have not taken the time since we have been in Shelton this summer. That will be top priority once we are on the road again.

This past week has flown by … probably because I have been checking off a formidable “to do” list written by me, just for me. Some of these things have been on the list for a long time. So, while my sweetie and his best pal, Lester have been camped out and lolling about in a small boat on a lake in the wilds near Randle, WA these past six days having the time of their life, I’ve been gettin’ ‘r done! They are expected home some time today, most likely tanned, tired and full of fish stories.

My chores included a pile of mending and ironing, cleaning the refrigerator, reorganizing the pantry, doing some redecorating and framing a stack of pictures I have wanted to put up in Penny for several years. Embellishments to Penny’s d├ęcor have been sorely lacking but finally after all this time it dawned on me that Penny is my home and it was past time for some TLC. Getting a pedicure and a manicure was on my list and I also made some promises that needed to be kept. I marked off an important one when I drove north and spent some quality time with my Aunt Beverly in Seattle. Several times before I have said I would come and spend the day with her and sort through her genealogy pictures and paperwork—but it never happened. So, at long last that “to do” was accomplished and she has shared some really good stuff with me (I knew she has some grand goodies) which I will scan and copy then return to her before we head south. We got so involved, it was too late to drive home so I ended up sleeping in her guest room and came home the next morning.

Aunt Bev’s guest bed was very comfortable and I slept well but for some reason, I woke up with terrible back pain and was in a lot of distress very quickly. Taking two aspirin did nothing. I barely made it back to Olympia where I stopped at my sister, Dixie’s house. She gave me a potent pain killer (she has quite the assortment after five surgeries and many sessions of rehab. Finally after several long hours, I got some relief. However, I was wiped out by the time I got home and went to bed early. This morning my back was fine—who knows what that was all about—I have never had a one-day back ache in my life!

Phil marked off one of his big-time “to do’s” from his list before he left. He removed the old four burner w/oven gas range and installed a brand spanking new three burner range top. It is a beauty. We have a wonderful, gently-used Microwave/Convection appliance and have NEVER used the oven in the range for anything but storage. So, we hired a carpenter and had a lovely, deep drawer built to fill in the space and I love it! It is amazing how much stuff can hide out in there, be out of sight and safe to travel. We also purchased and Phil installed new roll-up blinds for four of Penny’s windows. Her old ones were pretty worn out. My picture project has some tweaking left to do so I will wait to share the pictures next week when it is completed.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Love the new 3-burner range and that new drawer will be great storage!

    I agree, Penny is your home...decorate her the way you want her. A "cyber" friend just painted all of the cabinets in her RV and they look terrific.