Sunday, July 06, 2008


After a week of much rain and even some thunder (I heard it) and lightning (I didn’t see any but the weather prognosticators said we would have some) next week looks much better. Not real hot but sunny and pleasant for the next seven days. This forecast is better for Penny as not only has she sprung a leak that needs attention (remember I was worried that would happen) but Phil is trying to put a coating of wax on her. Rain will not help him accomplish either chore. As I begin to write the blog at 8 am it is only 58 degrees with a high but solid cloud cover. This is the kind of weather where a soft chair and a good book call my name but more often than not, the “to do” list has other plans.

We have been living full time in our Penny the Pace for three years and nine months and last Sunday I made a big bowl of potato salad and after weeks of salivating over the idea, mixed up a meat loaf. I divided the mixture putting half in the freezer and baked the other half in my convection/microwave. Both endeavors were delicious but since it had been years since I made either one, I had to rummage around in my brain for the recipes. There was a time when I was a pretty good cook but I am definitely rusty and since I only get the urge to make a meal sporadically I’m afraid it will continue to be a struggle. Of course, I made enough potato salad for a small army (Will I ever learn to cook for two?) so we shared some with Les and Gloria.

And, speaking of our dear friend, Gloria, she spent two days and one night in the hospital last week. After an abdominal cat scan and many bags of intravenous antibiotics, she still isn’t back to normal but hopefully on the mend. If the physicians fail to get a handle on this chronic condition—she is fearful that surgery is in her future and like most of us does not look forward to that prospect. Get better soon girlfriend!

Our little Lone Ranger went in the shop last Wednesday and received two new front tires. These are the first replacements since we bought the truck in 2003 and although the old ones still looked pretty good, considering our tentative plans for the next couple years, it was time.

On Saturday morning, we had a quick but wonderful visit from my granddaughter, Megan and her husband, Joshua. They are here from Longview visiting friends in Shelton for the weekend. It has been nearly a year since we’ve seen them and as I mentioned a few months back and you can see from the pictures she is five months pregnant. Our newest and second great grandbaby is a boy and he is due the 2nd of November. They have picked out a name and it is my great pleasure to announce he will be called Sean Liam. This choice made me very happy because my son who passed away in 1993 was also named Sean but back then, my immature and convoluted judgment decided it should be spelled Shawn. This was back in 1955 and I honestly believed it would be easier for him in school to have a phonetic spelling. Shortly after my Shawn was born, in 1957 Sean Connery burst upon the cinematic stage and very soon—(of course), after James Bond, Agent 007, everyone knew how to spell Sean!

Saturday, we spent the afternoon and evening visiting family and commemorating great nephew, Andy’s 19th birthday at his parent’s home in Olympia. As usual, my niece Tammy pulled out the stops and had enough food including grilled hamburgers and hot dogs so that no one went away hungry. Another party is planned in two weeks for an even bigger get together without any particular theme to celebrate some extended family time.

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