Sunday, July 20, 2008


Usually, my blog ramblings stick to the things we have done in the prior week but today I am going to wander off the usual path and do something different. Please do not think I have slipped a cog … I haven’t … but feel free to comment. I will be interested in your feedback.

After watching a Barbara Walter’s special on ABC a few weeks ago titled: “How to Live to be 150” (or something like that) I made up my mind. Since then, when I share my intent to live to be 150 years old, family and friends laugh at me. That’s okay. In my life I have experienced much scoffing for my radical and/or nonconformist ideas—so what else is new? I have outlived one child (not something I suggest to anyone) and would be extremely happy if my remaining two offspring were still of this world when I throw in the towel. However, since they do not endorse my belief in longevity to that extent that is highly unlikely. Here are just a few of my reasons for making this decision:

1. Unlike some who welcome going to their chosen afterlife; I really do appreciate and love the life I have now … thank you very much!
2. Good, bad or indifferent, curiosity about the future of the world blazes in my brain.
3. As a serious genealogist, I want to meet and hug my descendants.
4. The beauty and history of the United States is too big to embrace in one short lifetime so extending my stay just makes sense.
5. My “Life list of things to do” is not getting any shorter … every time one thing gets done, two things get added.
6. After all the bad habits I have given up (some more than once) … I want to prove it worked and gain from my pain.

Now, back to our regular programming …

This past Monday the three sisters and their spouses were invited to a special dinner at Tammy’s house. In the past, Dixie has hosted the event each year but as you know, she has endured a formidable hitch in her git-a-long and although she is home at last, hosting a dinner was not going to happen so our wonderful Tammy stepped up and filled in for her mom. Somehow, neither Phil nor I remembered to take pictures! However, it is probably just as well … you have no doubt seen enough pictures of sisters, Robin, Joy and Dixie lately. I am sure they are weary of the practice as well.

We finished up our efforts at daughter, Bobbie’s house. There is much left to do but with her house full of people (hopefully chipping in), it will get done eventually. Phil and I must now concentrate on our own list of chores in order to finish up before we head south in early September. Phil and Les managed one day of fishing last week and we spent an afternoon at the laundromat getting the hamper emptied. We also washed our bigger throw rugs and were pleased with the results (thanks for the suggestion G).

On Friday and Saturday we spent several hours going to garage sales. The weather was dreary on Friday but on Saturday, the sun came out and the day was beautiful.

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  1. Hi Grandma!

    I love this! It is so cool~!
    Sorry it has taken me so long to check it out!

    We will be able to keep track of you this way!

    We will be keeping in touch!
    Love you!