Sunday, June 15, 2008


Weather report in Shelton, WA: THE SUN IS SHINING! It is 58 degrees with a forecast of 70 degrees today. It may not last but for the moment, I am elated …

Happy Father’s Day to all my male readers with progeny. I sincerely hope your offspring mark the day in some way so you know they have given you at the very least a moment’s thought. The younger generations, in spite of all the new-fangled “time saving” conveniences always seem to have so much on their plates these days it is often difficult for a parent to get a minute of their time. And, speaking of fathers … I would like to offer my condolences to his family and dedicate my blog today to Tim Russert who at only 58 years old passed away this past Friday. His “Meet the Press” was one of my regularly watched Sunday morning TV shows and I cannot imagine who will fill his shoes. Of course, I did not know the man although I felt as if I did after reading his books and watching him on television for so many years.

It has been a busy week and Phil and Les managed to get a full day of fishing in this past Thursday. They caught and released some really big ones in Lake Kokonee (lower Lake Cushman) and Phil says it is a very beautiful lake. He was gone all day and I drove to Olympia to do some shopping then met Gloria, my sister Dixie and her husband Paul for lunch at Little Creek Casino. Dixie who is getting more mobile every day had a dentist appointment that morning in Shelton and we enjoyed visiting in a more “ordinary” setting than the nursing home. She is doing very well and hopes to be able to go home in a couple more weeks. For now, she will continue to use a walker and wheel chair as she builds her strength toward the goal of walking unassisted.

On Friday, Phil outdid himself and stirred together probably the best pot of homemade, spaghetti meat sauce he has ever made! Gloria has a love affair going with Phil’s spaghetti and he is duty bound to prepare this treat for her ASAP when we arrive in Shelton. We had a glorious feast which included Gloria’s tossed green salad and roasted garlic ciabatta bread and Phil gave Gloria the leftover sauce to freeze for later. It seems all the best times together with family and friends revolve around food—is it any wonder this country has a problem with obesity? I know my mother equated love with food and visa versa so taking pleasure from her deliciously prepared meals was a big part of my formative years. At almost 70 years old, after a life of overeating, yo-yo dieting and gaining and losing thousands of pounds, I think I have finally discovered the solution which is of course, simply put … moderation … in all things especially food. I wish you luck my friends!

Yesterday was another special day filled with much loved family, food and fun. Phil and I drove to Puyallup to spend the day at our Aunt Elaine’s condo with her sister, Aunt Beverly, her son, Casey and daughter, Shannon. You will remember Elaine from our months in Yuma where she spends several months each winter. The ladies had prepared a special lunch for us which we all enjoyed. She is also suffering in the cold temperatures and we commiserated together! Chilly weather aside, it was a very special, mutual admiration filled day

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  1. Joy and Phil: Today I came upon your blog and must tell you I am throughly enjoying it. I have started reading from when you first went full time and have been reading for 4 hours.

    You write so well and I will look forward to all of your posts