Sunday, June 08, 2008


This Sunday morning, I’m working on my new Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. I like it but trust me, getting used to it will take some time. Another new keyboard, you ask? Yes, when you buy cheap (as I have—several times) the paint on the keys wears off quickly if you spend a lot of time writing. I am a “touch” typist but sometimes I use one finger to edit and have discovered my eyes need help to find what my fingers can find all by themselves … hence, the new keyboard. To add to my learning curve, I have a new 19 inch monitor that makes me feel like I’m looking through a magnifying glass because the Times Roman 12 is so big! I thought I needed new glasses but this monitor might change my mind. I do love it!

We are in Shelton and safely set up in our favorite RV Park—the back yard of friend’s Gloria and Lester’s house. My computer is wired into their high speed internet (Wow! What a rush) but poor Phil is still working his laptop off our router and satellite Internet which is much faster than dial up but still slower than high speed. With our best friends only a few steps away, we have full hookups and at the push of a button a choice of satellite or cable TV—what more can we ask? I’m glad you asked—we would really appreciate some sunshine (it is the 8th of June after all) but I am doing my best not to whine today—honest I am!

Shelton has some big pluses for us—many of them about food but of course, for Phil it means the chance to go fishing with his best pal for the elusive rainbow trout that abounds in the many lakes in Mason County. They both practice catch and release so the guys can spend the day and fish until their arms go numb or their stomachs growl for food—whichever comes first. Our children and grandchildren are all close enough to see often and we have already started to take advantage of that fact as you will see in the pictures below.
However, one of the unrivaled aspects of being here is eating our favorite foods. A small example is the freshly made onion rings at the Ming Tree, blueberry pancakes (served all day) at the Pine Tree, the lunch buffet at Little Creek Casino and broasted chicken and Jo’s (with their unprecedented dip) from Bob’s Tavern. When we travel we are always trying to find some place that can best them but so far, that has not happened. Of course, the clean air—washed by millions of gallons of rain water on a regular basis—makes for minimal dust and much less pollen which does not hurt our feelings in the least. We have both stopped sneezing and that is nice after a winter of dry, dusty air in the desert.

Penny the Pace received a clean bill of health in Albany. With only a lube, oil and filter plus new latches on the fridge and freezer our wallet took a much lighter hit than on our visits the past three years and we were on our way in 24 hours with big smiles on our faces. The mechanics at McKay’s Trucking and RV Repair told us she is in great shape for her age which was music to our ears. We knew it in our hearts but it is always nice to hear it from the experts. You rock Miss Penny and we love you!

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