Sunday, November 04, 2007

1:12 pm Sunday November 4, 2007

Today would be my mother’s 93rd birthday if she were still alive. She passed away in January of 1980 and although she has been gone 27 years, I continue to miss her every day! Writing her biography for the past few years has kept her memory vividly alive in my mind and my heart over all this time and finishing her story is the number one priority on my “Life List of Things to Do Before I Die.”

I have a new HP keyboard; only $20 at Wal*Mart. It does not have the slant that my last one had so typing on it is going to take some practice because it is more like a laptop keyboard (which I do NOT like). For some reason, I wear the paint off the keys of my keyboards and since Phil is not a “touch typist” he gets lost while he is typing when that happens.

We arrived in Casa Grande, AZ this past Wednesday and will stay until December 5th when we will most likely head west to Yuma for a few months this winter except for one week in February when we will return to Casa Grande to attend the Gypsy Journal Rally at the Pinal County Fairgrounds. You might remember we attended the first one held in the west last year and enjoyed it very much so we are looking forward to this one which the organizers, Nick and Terri Russell have promised will offer even more fun.

I pick up my travelogue in our first stop south of Santa Fe—the interesting little town of Truth or Consequences, NM.

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