Tuesday, March 13, 2007

12:22 pm Tuesday March 13, 2007

Not much that is exciting happening in our contented little world in Yuma. It is getting hotter every day—over 90 degrees every day this week. They tell us this is unusual this early in the year so we are hoping it backs off into the 80s soon. Now that would be perfect!

We all know what a “Honey do” list is. Even though Phil and I do not own a stick-built house anymore, we have not escaped the inevitable “to do’s”. There continues to be a running list for both of us posted in our Penny’s kitchen. However, here in Yuma, there are two wonderful women we love very much and both of them live alone. Phil has volunteered to take on any “Honey dos” they might have and has been making great progress and they are very happy ladies.

Last spring Phil worked with our cousin Nada laying beautiful ceramic floor tile in her house. They completed the living room, dining room, entry (all one big great room), kitchen and pantry that Nada had started herself but hard as she tried, just had not managed to get finished. When that was done, they moved the bulk of the furniture out of the large master bedroom, bath and walk-in closet (Nada is sleeping in the living room now) and started the preparations to continue the job in there.

That is when we headed north for the summer in Washington. Nada took advantage of the pause in the work to fatten up the kitty as she is trying to pay cash as she goes along.

When we returned in the fall of 2006, Phil went back to work and installed a new garbage disposal in Nada’s kitchen sink, painted and installed the rest of the molding that was still missing and hauled off a truckload of donations. to the Salvation Army. Nada has started laying the tile in the bedroom and Phil recently replaced her 16 year old dishwasher (that had given up the ghost) with a bright shiny new one. He also cut, painted and attached one inch vinyl lattice screen on her back yard gate to improve privacy in her side yard. She recently bought all new light fixtures and Phil will begin changing those out for her this coming weekend.

Aunt Elaine’s list is a lot shorter than Nada’s but Phil has taken down her old window treatments and curtain rods for her and she is trying out the clean look of vinyl blinds in her living room for now. Just yesterday he replaced the light fixture in her storage closet. He also installed a fire extinguisher in her bedroom and made sure her smoke alarm is working. He still has two projects to be done for her: #1 is to make sure the iron security guard is removable from the inside on her bedroom window so she could escape if there was a fire and #2 is pruning the dead wood off her citrus trees. Her two daughters, (my cousins) are coming for a week later in the month and we are looking forward to spending some fun time with them.

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