Monday, February 05, 2007

9:16 am Monday February 5, 2007

I am still having difficulty loading pictures on the blog. My picture program has stopped working for me so I uninstalled it. Now, I am using the “add image” feature on my Blogger website. It is V-E-R-Y slow and consequently I hesitate to upload more than a couple pictures at a time. Does anyone know of a FREE program online that will replace my old favorite, “HELLO”? I have done a Google search without much luck.

On Saturday, we drove the “Apache Trail.” At the west end, it begins at Apache Junction, AZ and travels east ending at Roosevelt Lake. This is the lake where we camped for a week last spring with our friends, Don and Ardella and Phil enjoyed some excellent fishing time. It is a beautiful drive that crosses the Tonto National Forest. Only 46 miles long but there were some white-knuckle spots for me as it dropped 1,000 feet in elevation over a 15-17 percent grade at Fish Creek Hill.

The restaurant, general store and museum at Tortilla Flat were crowded which was a surprise mid-way in the drive. We had to slow way down and creep through the block long tourist trap jammed with people and cars. This part of the road is unpaved and primarily one lane but the view of Fish Creek Gorge is spectacular from this area. Since there are warnings about the dangers and it is not recommended for big RVs, we were surprised and puzzled by how many 5th wheels and motorhomes we saw in the campgrounds along the way. So many brave people—we would never take Penny the Pace up (or down) that road!

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  1. Foxita8:30 PM

    OK, you can now officially color me jealous! Your Apache Trail drive sounds wonderful. Much more fun than my personal work-a-day reality. And, you have a red coffee pot?! How cool can you be? Am missing you folks and wondering when you're planning to return! Love - Foxita