Thursday, February 22, 2007

12:07 pm Thursday February 22, 2007

First, let me apologize for a couple problems with my blog that I have no way of knowing how to correct. #1. Our profile has dropped to the bottom of the page again. This is a chronic problem and so far, I do not know what triggers it. #2. When you click on our pictures now, they come up four times bigger than the screen! Again, I do not know why! Someday, Blogger will answer my e-mail and tell me how to fix it … until then, I ask for your patience.

I am an older woman living with a younger man—not a lot younger but young enough that people are surprised when they hear he retired 2 ½ years before he was eligible for social security.

Well, his “penalty” time is up, he has paid his dues and in January of 2007, his ship came in. Everyone says social security is going away and that it is not enough to live on anyway. I do not know about the first part and I will probably not live long enough to worry about it anyway but we know the second part is true. We certainly could not live on Phil’s check but boy oh boy, is it wonderful to see it magically appear in the bank statement and it will be a welcome addition to our other retirement income

We have managed just fine for the past 2 ½ years but suddenly, the mercury, instead of falling steadily is rising again! After such a long time, we can actually start fattening up the kitty each month. There is something about being able to save money that just makes life more pleasant, don’t you think?

We have been lucky and able to cover our unexpected expenses these past couple of years (and, as you all know, there has been a couple big hits to the budget) and knowing that our worm has turned is a happy thought; in a tiny little way, we feel like we have hit the lottery!

PS: The weather in Yuma is wonderful! Warm, sunny with a little breeze. Wish you were here!


  1. Your blog problems are typical - don't worry about them, everyone has them from time to time. My problem is doing something interesting enough to write about! LOL At least you are traveling & seeing things. We are just sitting in Florida working on our house. Maybe we'll get in an RV trip later in the year.

    We have lived in Bellingham, Seattle, Renton, Federal Way, etc. We miss the scenery but don't miss the 10 months of overcast. Have a good one!

  2. Hello Joy, remember us. We met in Shelton WA last summer. We are in Yuma too. Your big picture problem; I think it is caused by the picture large resolution (1/2 meg size). You can try use Picasa type program and shrink the size to < 200K and see that help.