Saturday, September 30, 2006

7:27 PM Saturday September 30, 2006

Okay, as promised, here are the particulars on the service and repairs done to our beautiful, Penny the Pace at McKay’s Trucking in Albany, Oregon. She still needs a new muffler and tail pipe but McKay does not replace exhaust systems. We will get that work done a little later down the road when Phil recovers from this assault on our bank account.

Phil joked when he paid the bill that we would really be happy if when we drive in for service in 2007, we can drive away after only a Lube Oil and Filter. Sure … that is going to happen!

Lube Oil and Filter

Generator Service – change oil and filter

Inspect brake pads (70% in very good condition)
New brakes, brake lines in 2005

Cooling system belts and hoses inspected and found to be in good condition.

Gear Vendor oil level (good at this time) and replace green indicator bulb.

Rear suspension and front chassis, morride suspension (all check out good at this time)

Leveling Jacks inspected. Pump has leak- tech advised replacement but we declined.

Transmission serviced, new fluid, filter, and gasket.

Inspected K & N Air Filter (clean and does not need service at this time)

New thermostat for hot water heater

Replaced the blower and fan on the furnace.

Replaced the broken steps with new, automatic double steps

Install new Banks Headers.

Labor Total: $ 1,470.00
Parts Total: $ 2, 256.48
Sub Total: $ 3,726.48
<$ 55.92> Less 1.5% discount
Total due: $ 3,670.56

Remember, we said McKay does excellent work … we didn't say they were cheap!

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