Thursday, September 28, 2006

11:26 AM Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello again!

Sad to say, it was necessary to purchase a new computer because the hard drive on my faithful “Made by Randy” machine expired. As Randy cogitated, if we all had the time, (none of us did), he could install a new hard drive but I would nevertheless have a three-year-old computer when he was finished. I would still have to load all my software and find all my websites I use daily. We chose to wait and buy our new desktop (a whole lot less expensive) when we returned to Oregon to save about $35 dollars in sales tax in WA State.

As soon as Phil had all the wires hooked up to our new E-Machine from Wal*Mart, I began to try and remember all the programs I was using every day. We paid $348 which included the tower, the keyboard (I had been planning to buy a new one), two speakers (did not need these as my screen has built in speakers) and a mouse (did not need this either … I have a wonderful cordless). Ethel Honey (the name I will call this new desktop … after my Aunt Ethel) came on immediately and has been doing all we expect of her perfectly.

Microsoft Office 2003 was already loaded for a 60 day free trial and it is just enough different from my Microsoft Office 2000 to throw me off stride a little. My learning curve gets longer with each year … but I will get used to it … I know I will!

I continue to struggle with loading pictures on my blog. Blogger has a built in program but I am having trouble getting it to work for me. I did get one picture of Gloria’s squash art loaded but gave up on the second try. The download of my former picture program “Hello” confused me yesterday so I have drawn back to regroup. I promise, I will figure it out and get some more pictures posted soon.

Please be patient …………

PS: My sister, Robin and her husband Walt found us yesterday afternoon on a short road trip from CA via Wyoming to Shelton they were taking and we had a quickie visit. It's the second time they have tracked us down via our location on the Datastorm Users map. We are in Irrigon, Oregon for a few days. I need to work on this new computer and we need to get some laundry done. It is a nice quiet park close to the Columbia River. Weather is perfect! I will tell you about all the work we had done on our Penny the Pace soon.

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