Sunday, March 27, 2011


Okay … I’m back … for today at least and hopefully, I can stay on weekly again for awhile. All I’ve got to say is now I REALLY know why we sold out and moved into 200 square feet and hit the road. I had forgotten how much work it is to stay in one place but it has all come back to me in a rush! If you are like we are, your mind is never idle. I know how boring it must be to listen to my whine about how busy we are (since 90% is self-induced) but dag-nab bit … it is a fact. We just can’t help ourselves. Part of it is because we want to reimburse our “cushion” and fatten the kitty (to finance future projects around the trailer) but most of it is because we LOVE doing what we are doing in spite of all the work. For a lot of people, getting a root canal is more desirable than the idea of mucking around in other peoples castaways at garage sales or sitting in a noisy auction house for hours bidding on undetermined boxes of miscellaneous but for us it is wonderful entertainment! Not cheap entertainment but more like playing the stock market. You win some and you lose some but the stakes are high and when you win, it is a rush like nothing else we have ever done. Where else can you buy something for a quarter and end up selling it a week later for several hundred dollars; buy a small wooden box for 25cents and open it later to find Black Hills Gold earrings and a Sterling Silver pair as well OR empty a cardboard box and notice a sparkle in the corner and pull out a 8.3 ct diamond solitaire stone? These things have happened to us in the past few months and we are having a ball.

Newest news: Our oldest granddaughter, Megan and her husband, Joshua are pregnant again … THIS TIME WITH TWINS!!!! (See sonogram below;) They are due in October but will most like arrive a bit early thanks to modern medicine before they get too big. We are excited but me personally, I am over the moon! All I can say is what a miracle to have survived open–heart surgery in 2010 and still be alive and kicking for this historic event. Three new great grandchildren in one year!!! That will make a total of five I have lived to welcome into the world –to cherish, cuddle and get to watch grow. What did I ever do to deserve this blessing? I guess I will never know but I am so thankful my joyfulness is hard to contain. Speaking as a genealogist, I want to give a big hug and a thank you to my granddaughters, Sara and Megan for giving me this chance to know my descendants.

Daughter, Bobbie is having a giant fir tree taken down in her back yard this morning and called to invite me to come take pictures. I will pause for now and run over there (she just lives a mile away) for a few minutes. Will return with photos and finish this later.

So now, it is lunch break for the tree man. Almost all the limbs are gone but he hit a “snag” (LOL, get it? Oh well I guess you had to be there). He will come back this afternoon and finish up. Sorry Charlie, I can’t wait … need to finish the blog!

As they say in North Dakota … okee, dokee … more new news. We have acquired another fur baby. He is only 11 weeks old and weighs 3.4 lbs. A tiny “party Poodle”, he is champagne and white but of course, we know his adult coat could come in another color. We haven’t come up with a name yet but any and all suggestions will be welcome! Forgot to ask what color the parents are. We got him from one of my grown up kids I took under my wing back a hundred years (well, actually about 45 years ago—she was 12) and he is just adorable. So far, our little Sophie is tolerating him but he is persistent and is insisting she play with him. She is not amused and is trying to avoid him at all cost (which isn’t working btw) but so far, they haven’t come to blows yet (Or should that say bites?) Yes, we have gone a bit nuts up here in the cold and rain but with luck, we’ll get back to normal when the sun starts shining again.

Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me!

Until next time …

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