Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Wow! What a week. The end of three months work boiled down to three long, long days that averaged 16-17 hours each. Late Sunday afternoon, as tired as we were, we managed to pack up all the leftovers, break down the tables and get all the miscellaneous stowed under cover before getting some dinner and going home to Penny the Pace. For our effort, the final gross sales were very acceptable and we were all smiles after closing Sunday. As was usual at our past sales before we retired, we again received many compliments about how well our sale was set up. That was especially gratifying. We will do another sale one of these weekends in the not so distant future but have committed to getting the remodeling of the mobile finished before we get involved with another one. Without the distraction of preparing for a garage sale, our renovation projects should progress rapidly from here on out.

Saturday afternoon, my cousin, Lea from eastern Washington along with her daughter, Nikki (from Marysville, WA) and Nikki’s youngest boy, Isaac came to visit. I shamelessly abandoned my post (helping at the cash register) and spent several wonderful hours chatting with them as we shared the latest news. Phil held down the fort while I was MIA and did a fine job! Both, Lea and Nikki write blogs that are wonderful reading as Lea lives on a ranch, rescues wild mustangs and trains them while Nikki writes about her life raising a family of sons (she has six boys). The links to their blogs are listed on the side of my blog. I wrote about Lea’s sister, Sharon’s visit to the Pacific Northwest from Tennessee a few weeks ago. This branch of my family was discovered through my genealogy research many years ago and since then, they have become especially important to me and I love them very much!

When we arrived back at the RV Saturday night there was a note on our door from granddaughter, Megan who lives in Longview, WA with her husband, Joshua. Phil called her and along with that adorable son of hers, our great grandson, Sean-Michael (he will be two in October) she came over from where she was staying for the weekend to see us. The next day she came up for a few hours to the garage sale and spent some enjoyable time visiting with her cousin, Joe and his mom, her Aunt Bobbie. It was wonderful family time for all of us!

My visit to the cardiologist today was a routine check up. I had a regular treadmill stress test and an echocardiogram. I was pleased with the fact that I could walk an uphill incline (up to 40% grade) for 5 minutes and 42 seconds and the nurse (also named Joy) told Phil that I did very well!

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  1. Glad the garage sale went so well. Do you keep any kind of record of what you paid for something and then what you sell it for? That would probably be too much work...although interesting.

    I agree, finish the house project before another garage sale. Don't overload yourselves.

    Glad you seem to have done well on the treadmill. Oh how better you seem now than last year! Thank goodness. I really miss you both!