Sunday, August 23, 2009


Nearly every day since our arrival we have maintained a high alert for incoming severe weather here in eastern Pennsylvania and it has come to my attention that I am becoming a weather whiner. For that, please accept my apology but I just can’t help myself. Phil and I were raised in western WA and that equates to growing up most years in unrelenting rain. The Evergreen State is aptly named on the west side of the Cascade Mountains (it should be called the golden state—they grown a lot of wheat, on the east side of the mountains) but being green comes to pass from all that wetness falling out of the ever present cloud cover. That said, the incessant showers do little harm. Some flooding and the inconsequential and rare lightning strikes as well as an occasional tornado are infrequent topics in everyday conversation. Once in a blue moon, when a really fierce storm does come along, it is so uncommon; the residents can usually remember exactly when it happened and what they were doing at the time. These past months of travel through tornado alley and the northeast has made us appreciate the benign weather where we come from and I don’t think we will be doing much complaining about WA weather in the future.

Our days this past week here in Hatfield, PA have been mostly R & R. We needed some downtime and with the stormy weather, we decided it was just as well that we kept our unexciting (for now) adventures close to home. Even though we have had one storm after another passing over us, it has been hot (80s and low 90s) so the two air conditioners in Penny have been earning their keep. We only have 30 amps so just use one at a time and we switch back and forth to keep our home comfortable. Phil has decided we will stay put until after Labor Day so we have another two weeks in this location. That will give us plenty of time for new adventures in Philadelphia and the New York/Long Island area. This part of the country is so interesting and historic which goes without saying so our GPS, (Carmen Garmin) has been working overtime. There are dozens of back roads that crisscross the area so we can take a different road every time we go out to get to the same area … I love that!

Our site here at Village Scene is backed up to the bathhouse and laundry room so I will try and get a few loads done before we leave and there is a couple movies I want to see—Julie and Julia and The Time Traveler’s Wife while we’re here. There is an abundance of farm stands in every direction and we have pigged out on fresh corn on the cob and fresh peaches are cheap right now, as are tomatoes and cucumbers and of course, zucchini, yellow necks, peppers, etc. are abundant as well. We found a sugar-free coconut cream pie at the last stand (they also sell fresh baked goods and lots of jams and jellies) that is absolutely delicious (see pic below). Our choices for a place to eat are definitely “diners” (and there are plenty of them). Good food, open 24 hrs and although not cheap the service is good and the servings are substantial, more than enough for two meals for me. We will start some serious exploring if this darn weather ever clears up! Phil commented that if hurricane Bill turned inland he would up anchor and head west! Although not as sure about that, I understood his frustration. Fortunately, Bill stayed out to sea and bypassed New England.

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  1. I can get very blue on a consistant diet of rain and grey days. Pulls me down. I am glad that we don't have rain like that here in Eastern Washington state. Glad you are doing just what you want to. Have a safe week.

  2. Please let us know how you like those two movies. Those are two that I would also like to see. Your mention of corn on the cob made me remember that I need to run up town to a roadside market and buy some too.

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying your down time. Wish I had some of that right now! I am in the process of harvesting and freezing and canning. I always know I have earned my sleep when my head hits the pillow. My anonymous camper will be pulling out in a week. She came in to pay and could not meet my eyes. Drew came in while she was trying to pay and rescued her. I was perversely enjoying her discomfort. I have taken my power back and will not be bullied by the likes of her (I still double check my locks at night).

    Have a good rest before you take to the road again. Drive safe and think of me up to my elbows in apples and peaches!

  4. Sorry you got the nasty weather this summer. June was beautiful, July was cold and nasty then Aug started out good and turned in to the resting spot for Hurricanes that have piddled out. Now it's cold again. (Well I guess cold is relative) It's cold for us in August.I've never missed WA weather but I desparately miss the green in the winter. TN has to be the most depressing place in Jan and Feb. with nothing but grey.

  5. Watch out Joy, now they are following hurricane Danny! Yikes. You're right, I'm done complaining about our western WA weather!
    Let us know how you liked "Julie and Julia" - that's one I'm dying to see!